Why Can’t I See Who Gave Likes On Facebook Post? Solution

It is not seen who gave the like reaction of Facebook! Can’t you see who gave the like reaction in the new update of Facebook? What is the reason for not giving likes / reactions on Facebook posts? How do I see who reacted to a Facebook post? How do I know who gave a like on a Facebook post?

It is not clear who liked the Facebook post all of a sudden. Many have faced such problems since May 26. Now it is not seen in any way who gave likes to the Facebook post. The reason for not seeing this like or reaction from Facebook is that Hehis has not said anything yet. This may be due to technical problems. Due to technical reasons, Facebook is most likely not to be seen as a reaction or like. However, it may be that from now on, it will not be seen who gave likes or reactions to the Facebook post, but this possibility is very low.

Why can’t you see who gave likes / reactions on Facebook?

Thousands of tweets have already started to be read on the headlines saying that it is not seen who gave likes or reactions on Facebook. But it’s not just on Facebook. It is known that this is also happening on Instagram. Earlier, there was an update on Facebook where Facebook users could hide the number of likes on their posts. But what has happened this time is that the number of likes or reactions given by Facebook users to their posts can be seen but it is not known who gave those likes or reactions.

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It’s just that you don’t see who likes or reacts to other people’s posts. Facebook users themselves do not know who liked their Facebook post. If you go to the Like option in the Facebook post, the text No Data Available is showing. In other words, you can not know in any way who liked or reacted to your Facebook post.

How to see who has liked a Facebook post

It is not known who or who liked the Facebook post, but there are some methods that you can use to find out who liked or reacted to the Facebook post. You need to login to Facebook from a browser to find out who or what gave a Like / Reaction to a Facebook post. By entering Facebook from the browser, you will be able to know who or who has liked or reacted to your post on Facebook as before. Although it is not known who gave likes or reactions in the Facebook app, it can be seen from the browser.

  • The way you see who gave likes / reactions on Facebook
  • Open any browser
  • Search by typing Facebook Login
  • Log in to Facebook
  • Then you can see who liked or reacted to your post
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Q: It has not been seen since who gave the like?

A: From 26th May 2022

Q: When will you know who gave the like?

A: Nothing has been reported from Facebook yet.

Q: Is this the new update of Facebook?

A: Many people say that this is a new update of Facebook. If there is a new update, it will not be seen from the browser after a while. However, this is probably not a new update of Facebook, but a technical error. However, it is difficult to say anything until you say something from Facebook.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Different kinds of confusion have been created in the minds of the people. The Facebook authorities themselves have not yet commented on the matter. Many people want to know in this situation how they can find out who gave the Facebook reaction. This report is for them.

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