WhatsApp Emoji Reactions । How To React To Messages In WhatsApp With Emoji

WhatsApp launched a new reaction method. After waiting for a few months, finally WhatsApp reaction. WhatsApp Reaction was launched on 5 May 2022. Facebook Messenger has had a reaction system for a long time. This time the reaction method has been introduced in WhatsApp. WhatsApp users can react to their text messages. How to give WhatsApp reaction? How to Remove WhatsApp Reaction.

Advantages of WhatsApp Reaction

The biggest advantage of WhatsApp reactions is that from now on, users will not have to send a reaction message instead of a short message during a conversation on WhatsApp. By giving the reaction of a message, the reaction can be given in that message now. This will save a lot of time due to WhatsApp reactions and can be given specific reactions to any text message. The reason for launching the message reaction from WhatsApp is also mentioned that “users can easily express their opinion by giving them a reaction with an emoji.

How To Get WhatsApp Reaction

How to give WhatsApp reaction on mobile? Most WhatsApp users use mobile. Just as it is easy to send text to WhatsApp on a smartphone, it is also very easy to react to WhatsApp messages. Those who are already using other messenger apps can easily understand and use this new reaction feature of WhatsApp. Using mobile you can easily give reaction to any text through emoji.

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How to turn on WhatsApp Reaction on mobile:

  • Update WhatsApp. Update your WhatsApp from Play Store or App Store
  • Long press the text that will react to the text.
  • 6 reactions can be seen. If you select any one and tap on that emoji, the reaction will be given in that text
  • The reaction is seen in the notification along with the message in which the reaction is given

How to turn on WhatsApp Reaction on desktop:

  • Download the latest version of WhatsApp
  • Exclude any one conversation
  • Move the mouse pointer over the message you want to react to, and a few reactions will appear on the message.
  • Click on the reaction you want to give

What reactions can be given on WhatsApp

You can send an emoji by selecting one of the 6 reactions in a text message on WhatsApp.

  • Thumbs up
  • Heart
  • Crying with laughter
  • Surprised Faced
  • Sad
  • Thanks

After giving a reaction to any message using WhatsApp, it can be changed. Therefore, if you accidentally react to a message or if you react incorrectly, there is a chance to change it.

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Last Word

Many people have liked this new feature of WhatsApp and many have shared bad experiences about this feature. When a new feature is launched, there will be various comments about it. You can let us know how you like this new reaction feature of WhatsApp in the comment box.

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