What Is VPN ? How It Works?

Almost everyone will hear the name VPN. VPN’s full virtual private network. Many times some applications are offered for regional use. But VPN has to be used to use the area where the application is not available. The name Virtual Private Network implies that it hides user information. This means that the user is entering an application or a website using a device or IP address is kept secret. VPNs are often used to access blocked websites. The use of VPN protects the user from being traced.

What Is VPN?

VPN establishes a secure connection between the user and the Internet. All the data of the person using VPN is routed through an encrypted virtual channel so that when the user uses VPN his IP address is hidden. The person using the VPN disguises his IP address and his location disappears.
There are some websites that are harmful and your details are protected by using VPN while accessing all those websites. When you access an application or a website, your email address and IP address are passed on to the application owner or website owner. This opportunity does not exist when you are using VPN.

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Again, using VPN, you can access all the applications that are offered in the region based application services. Some applications or websites have regional restrictions. Only those websites or applications can be accessed from a specific region. But if you use VPN it hides your location so you can enter the website or application without any hesitation.

How Does VPN Work?

When a device is connected to a VPN, that device restrains itself to a server on another computer, causing the device to disguise itself. The process of ARI camouflage type is basically connecting VPN. By connecting VPN, your internet service provider secretly knows the information of the tunnel but cannot access it. As a result, Internet service providers may not know the websites that users access or use. All data is encrypted while using VPN.

What Is VPN Used For?

VPNs are commonly used to hide one’s own information or to disclose one’s own information to others. A user can use VPN to hide him in several ways. This is what VPN is used for

  • To hide your actual location
  • To keep information secure
  • Keep it secret when accessing the website
  • To access regionally limited websites or apps
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In all these cases a user benefits by using VPN. All of these uses public networks, which means VPN should be used when using WiFi in a public place. Using a public network, an internet service provider can track you or understand which websites you enter. In this case, the user can use VPN to protect privacy. Users can also hide their location. You must use VPN to access any apps or websites that are not available for the country in which you live. VPN allows you to access all web sites or applications. Some applications are bound by a specific regional limit. To access these applications you need to access the servers of those countries. VPN can help you in this case. Using VPN you can access servers in almost all countries of the world and continue browsing while keeping your location IP address all confidential.

How To Use VPN?

To use VPN you need to follow the steps below. Inbuilt VPN is provided on all the devices that are currently available in the market. All you have to do is connect the VPN by entering the address. VPN can be used when connecting to any network of mobile or computer. There are also many popular VPN providers who provide VPN services on an annual or monthly plan. Again there are many popular VPNs that can be used for free. But to get good VPN service you must take a paid service. Again you can get a limited VPN service for free.

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Currently some popular VPN service providers are providing GP & service on cross platform. This will allow you to use VPN on many devices at once. You can use the same VPN on mobile and computer if you wish. All you have to do is buy a VPN plan.

In some cases you can use Open VPN directly in your browser. You can easily install VPN using browser extensions. First go to browser extension, search for VPN, select a VPN and install that VPN. Once you sign up, VPN will be installed in the browser.

Below are some of the popular VPN providers
Express VPN

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