What Is Search Engine? How Does It Work: Learn The Google Algorithm Easily

Search engines are a means to an end. In the simplest sense, a search engine is an answering machine. The search engine displays the information in its collection that is asked or queried by the search engine. Currently the most used of the search engines. Your content must first be visible to search engines. If any content is not visible then search engine will not show it.

How does  search engine work?

Search engines usually work through three functions. Among these, crawling, indexing and ranking are the three most important ones.

  • Crawling
  • Index
  • Ranking


When a new content is published from a website, search engine crawlers are sent to make all those new pages or contents visible to the search engine. Crawlers basically work as a kind of robot search engine. The content of a website can be of different types. Discover images, videos or PDF files all through crawler links. Crawlers prepare a content to do. If there is no problem with the content, the crawler considers those contents to be correct for indexing.

Google search engine is one of the most popular and used search engine. All the content of the website is visible in Google search engine and all the content you want to show even if you did not intentionally index it is automatically indexed by the crawlers. Content crawlers don’t crawl content that you don’t want to show.
Searching “site:” using the Google search bar to see how many results are visible on your website will show the results below the search bar. You can also use the Google Search Console to find out more information about search engines on your website.

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Many times your site may not show up in search results. This may be due to the fact that your site may not be crawled as is the case with new sites. The content of your site may not be found by Google robots or the search for the content of your site content will not show Google search results.


The URLs that are indexed by the search engine are stored by the search engine. Once a URL is indexed in a search engine, all the content remains in the search engine and the next time that topic is searched, the content or web pages are displayed by the search engine.


There are many opinions on how search engine ranks ithaca contacts. Google changes their algorithms regularly and they change their algorithms again before they realize it. And no one can say exactly how content ranks on Google to change this algorithm. However, all the content that is of good quality is ranked very well in Google. Again, SEO is much more useful in the case of ranking. In order to rank any content in Google search engine, you have to improve the quality of the content. You need to know the keywords and search to see if the SEO of the content is right.

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The role of SEO in ranking content

The role of SEO is very much in ranking a content. When a search is done in a search engine, thousands of results are displayed in contrast to that search. Then the search engines understand how the search was done and what to display.
It helps search engines understand what kind of information is in the content and analyzes keywords and SEO. As long as the content is searched with the content, the contact will be displayed at the top for the search result. This is because a content may show up in different positions in different searches, because the results that are closest to the search results in the content that is in it or the content that is well mentioned will be displayed earlier.

There are many possible reasons for being ranked in search engines but three of them work best.

  • Website linking
  • Onpage content
  • Rank Brain

Website linking

By linking the content of the website to other web sites, the website can be brought before the search results. The more the link of the website is promoted, the more the credibility of the content of the website increases, so it appears earlier in the search results.

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Onpage content

The better the content on a web page, the more likely it is to rank. So when writing a content, you must write good quality content.

Rank Brain

Rank Brain is a machine learning system based on the Google algorithm. Rank Brain notices a short URL that is much better than other competing content. Rank Brain helps to rank that short URL content.

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