What Is Programming? Types Of Programming L anguages

What is programming? How to start programming? What is a programming language? What is a programming language? How does a programming language work? The need for   programming? The importance of programming.

Many people want to know about programming now. Computer programming used to be a thing of the past but very few people knew about it but now it is necessary to know about computer programming for those who work with computer or want to make different kinds of software or program using computer. Some instructions must be given to operate any automatic machine. No machine can run properly without instructions. Programming basically does this.

What is programming?

Programming is the process of giving instructions or instructions to a computer. Different types of work can be done using computer but some instructions are required to do these tasks. One person can communicate with another person through language but human communication with computer is through programming language. Listening to music or watching videos or playing games on the computer are all part of programming. Because these have been developed by programming, the computer can easily understand what you want to do or what you want to do with the computer. However, if you write something randomly, the computer will not be able to understand it. A programming language is required to give instructions to the computer.

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What is a programming language?

A programming language is a language through which computers and humans can communicate. Various sci-fi movies have been written with a lot of letters or symbols. Those who do not know about programming language may not understand anything about it but those who understand programming language may also know about it. Again, many are interested in hacking. We often see coding in computer programs that are shown for hacking or in computer programs that are shown in hacking movies. This coding is basically a programming language.
Programming is not only done on computer but also on any automatic machine like printer, scanner, photocopy machine and all these automated devices and programming is used. The use of programming is seen in various tests or examinations which are seen regularly in the hospital.

Some common programming languages

  • C
  • C ++
  • Visual Basic
  • Fortran
  • Oracle
  • Python

Requirements of programming

Can humans communicate with each other in the same way that they communicate with each other and establish their relationship with the computer? Computers do not understand common human languages. Even the languages ​​we type on the computer are not captured the way we see them on the computer. The computer considers any one of your words as its own, that is, the way the machine works. Computer or automatic machines need programming language since instructions cannot be given in a general way or using ordinary language. All of these devices can be instructed using programming languages.

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Generally, people do not understand all the languages ​​that people use, such as Bengali, English or Hindi. Computers can only understand programming languages. Computers only understand binary languages. When we write something on the computer, all the common languages ​​that we write on the keyboard are converted to binary on the computer. The process of converting to this binary is called compiling.

Types of programming languages

Programming languages ​​can generally be divided into three categories

  • Machine language
  • Assembly language
  • High level language

There are also other types of languages ​​in computer programming. The languages ​​that computers can easily understand are called low level languages ​​and the ones that are difficult for computers to understand are called high level languages. Those who want to learn coding first need to know about programming. Having an idea of ​​what programming is is easy to learn coding and the basics of coding are easy to understand.

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