What Is Linux? How Linux Works And Advantages

Linux is an operating system that is distributed as an open source license. More or less everyone has heard of Linux. Many people are interested in using the Linux operating system. There are some advantages and disadvantages to using the Linux operating system. Many people who work in programming or graphics design use the Linux operating system. The Linux operating system runs according to the 1990 kernel created by Linus Torvalds of Finland. Linux is a free operating system but even if it is free it gives you more opportunities to customize your operating system.

Uses Of Linux Operating System

Not everyone uses the Linux operating system. Linux may seem a bit cluttered to many because it gives users a lot of control over their devices. Another reason why not everyone uses Linux is that managing the Linux operating system is a bit difficult. However, those who are once accustomed to Linux become very flexible in using Linux.

Since Linux is an operating system, before learning about Linux, what is an operating system? Many people know what an operating system is but those who do not know may have already used the operating system. One of the most popular computer operating systems today is Windows. So how does the operating system work? The operating system controls everything on your device, such as document creation, video play or game play. To run a software requires an operating system. Most of the people who use the operating system for home or personal use use Windows. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. However, the Linux operating system is not far behind. Linux users are growing a lot because it offers a lot more customization. The problem with Linux is that it is difficult to manage. However, most of the people who use Linux, since they are involved in programming or software, they can manage Linux very well.

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What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system or kernel completely free. This gives the user complete freedom when it comes to control. So Linux is definitely the first choice for those who want to control the operating system a little bit like themselves. Linux operating systems are currently used in supercomputers.


Linux is an operating system used on many computers and servers. It’s open source, which means it can be changed and improved by anyone who wants to.

Linux is a computer operating system like Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. It doesn’t have a special graphical interface like an icon on the desktop or screen, but it does have a command line interface. Linux distributions are available for most hardware architectures and are available for free, although some hardware manufacturers may charge you for installation media.

Compared to other operating systems, Linux has some advantages:

  • It can be customized to suit different needs
  • It can be installed on almost any computer
  • It can be used for free
  • It has no major security flaws
  • Why is Linux better than other operating systems?

Linux is a Unix-like computer operating system that integrates under the model of free and open source software development and distribution. Linux is the world’s most widely used free and open-source operating system, running more than 50% of all servers and an important part of the infrastructure for many businesses.

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Linux was created by Linus Torvalds in 1991, primarily as a hobby project. It has since become the most popular operating system on embedded devices such as desktop computers, laptops, data centers and mobile phones. The Linux kernel runs on a variety of computer architectures, from microcontrollers to supercomputers, while its user interface can be customized to suit the needs of individual users.


Advantages of Linux operating system


One of the major benefits of using the Linux operating system is its security. Because Linux, like other operating systems, is more about security than user convenience, Linux’s security is one of the most important operating systems. Windows is lagging behind because Windows allows users to use many applications that often cause harm to the user. This is why Windows operating systems or other operating systems require antivirus, but the Linux operating system does not require any antivirus program.

Completely free

All the operating systems in the market are sold at different prices. But Linux is completely free, despite being a big competitor to Windows or Mac. Users can use Linux completely for free. You can also use the extra software needed to use Linux for free.


The Linux operating system is much more stable than other operating systems. So what is stability? Many people who use Windows have noticed that the performance of Windows drops a bit after a few days or a few months after Windows. That means performance decreases. Linux is completely different in this respect. The performance of the Linux operating system remains the same as it was at the beginning, even after a long period of use. For this reason, you do not have to update or reboot the operating system for a few days.

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Software updates

Most of the known operating systems have software updates as per the instructions of the manufacturer. The user has to give the update for the model or the version of the operating system that the manufacturer brings for the update. Manufacturers often provide updates that the user does not need. Linux’s software update system is much more organized. The user can update as he wishes, which means that the subject of the update is completely under the control of the user. It is often seen that the new version of the operating system has a variety of bugs or issues. Linux is much faster in this respect. Using Linux No bugs or issues are seen after a system update.


With Linux systems the system is easily attested to the user’s server making the user’s network much more stable and fast. The various tasks of the network are much faster.


Involved in multitasking, almost all of them can do a lot of work together, many times the operating system may crash or a little slow down. Multitasking using Linux never slows down your system and you can do multitasking in a very smart way.

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