What Is Green Tea? How To Make Green Tea

Green tea is a type of tea made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. Know the origin of green tea. Currently, the most widely consumed green tea in the world is the diet. Many people have the idea that playing green tea reduces fat. Not many people know how to eat green tea. Not drinking green tea properly can do more harm than good. So you don’t just have to play green tea, you have to drink it at the right time and at the right time.

It is not okay to drink too much green tea. Ordinary tea. We should not eat green tea at all times. Green tea and normal which are two completely different water. Ordinary tea and green tea are completely different in terms of function and quality. Green tea helps in your diet and has many medicinal properties. Green tea does not have any bad effects on health as it does in general employment. However, the way ordinary tea is drunk, that is, if you drink green tea in this way before waking up or going to sleep, it can bring harm to your health.

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Green tea is not oxidized in our body as is the case with other common teas. This is why green tea is healthier than other teas. The most beneficial quality of green tea is that it does not allow any bad cholesterol to accumulate. When bad cholesterol builds up in the blood vessels, it impedes blood flow and causes damage to the body. Since green tea does not allow cholesterol to accumulate, it does not cause any harm to the body but helps to catch fat as it does not allow cholesterol to accumulate. Also Green Key is very beneficial for skin and hair.

Green tea is available in different types and flavors in the market. There are some greens that are harmful to health because they are not organic. Those who regularly drink green tea must know which are the harmful green teas and which are the organic green teas. Of course, green tea will not be completely green but will have a slight yellowish tinge. Although green tea is not very tasty to eat, it can smell like young grass. T-bags should be avoided, but since the market is currently selling through maximum green tea bags, you need to drink a good brand of green tea. Green tea should not be mixed with tea. Green tea and plain tea are made with two completely different ingredients so never mix the two together. It can do more harm than good. Green tea is best kept in a glass container.

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How to eat green tea

Green tea can be mixed with milk, but it is delicious to eat, but the level of benefits is reduced. So avoid it if possible. Green tea can be drunk after light exercise or workout. Sugar should not be mixed while drinking green tea, but those who do not like the roof can recognize some sugar, but do not take extra sugar.

How to make green tea properly

Water should be heated in a pot. When the water is hot, take half a cup of water. Put 1 teaspoon of green tea or a tea bag in the cup. Now you have to keep the green tea covered for some time. After covering the green tea for one minute, it will be ready for eating.

Green tea must be drunk according to the right instructions. Although there are many benefits and advantages of drinking green tea, it should be noted that green tea is drunk according to the right rules. Those who want to drink green tea and reduce fat must follow the right rules and do not drink like normal tea. If you want to drink organic green tea, you must buy ghee and drink good brand green tea.

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