What is Google AdMob? How To Make Income With Google AdMob

Using Google AdMob is a very popular way to earn income now. The number of mobile users is slowly increasing as well as the number of apps. Every day we have created various apps for developing applications and it is making the tasks of mobile users much easier. You can easily create your own mobile app. After creating apps, you have to take monetization from Google and this is Google AdMob. Many of them know about Google Adsense, they know about Google AdMob.

What is Google AdMob?

Google AdMob is an advertising platform of Google through which all advertisements of iOS or Android mobile are displayed. For those who use different types of applications on Android mobile or iOS devices, different types of advertisements can be seen when the application is open or when they click on different menus in the apps interface. Advertisements are mainly displayed through Google AdMob. The person controlling the application has monetized his OK with Google AdMob and for that reason Google AdMob shows advertisements on those websites.

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How does Google AdMob work?

The websites on which Google AdMob displays advertisements are primarily monetized. Once monetized, Google Advertisement appears on them, and users who log in or install those apps see the ads displayed by Google AdMob. There are some ads that can be skipped and there are some ads that get some rewards when viewed in full. That’s why many users look at the advertisements for a long time. And by showing this advertisement, the owner of the app or the one who created the app can earn income.

Google AdMob account

To open a Google AdMob account, you must enter into any browser and search by typing Google AdMob. After entering the first web site that will be displayed on the website, you can see the homepage of Google AdMob: interface. You can connect with Google AdMob by signing up and then you can connect your app with Google AdMob with the information of your app. For those who already have a Google AdSense account, the information in the AdSense account will show the AdMob account, only the terms and conditions will be better. You can create the next Google AdMob account.

Adding apps to Google AdMob account

After creating a Google AdMob account, you will find the dashboard on the left sidebar. Go to the Apps option from the Dashboard. Go there and add your application with Google AdMob account. This way you can easily add your first one app or multiple apps to your Google AdMob account.

Creating an ad unit on an AdMob account

To create an AdMob account, you need to go to the Create A Unit option. You will create an ad unit for your app in the style of the ad you want and it will show in your app.

Many people are currently earning from Google AdMob account. It is very easy to earn income from Google AdMob account and it is very popular so now Google AdMob service has become very popular among the youth. If you want, you can create an app and earn money from Google AdMob in those apps.

Currently there are many app developers who are earning a lot of money with the help of AdMob. Since Ad Mob is a Google service, there is no reason for anyone to worry about it. Many people give some rewards or coins in the apps instead of seeing the ad. Those who watch the whole ad without skipping get these coins or some rewards. You can also create your app this way. Your app must be user friendly. By doing this, many users who will enter your app will see the ad, this will increase your income. It should be noted that an app should never display too many ads. Hopefully, those who wanted to know about Google AdMob account have got a proper guideline that will help you to connect your app to Google AdMob account.

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