What Is Advertising? Benefits, Types And Purposes Of Advertising

We often see digital banners on TV or on billboards on the street as advertisements. But unbeknownst to us, we see hundreds of other ads daily and are eager to buy those products. Advertising has become a part of our daily lives. You don’t even know if the product you bought was bought out of interest in an ad. This means that the current ads have become so fast that you are unknowingly interested in buying this product.

What is advertising?

Advertising is the process of promoting a product to a customer in order to sell it. Simply put, advertising is the medium used in the marketing system to make a product attractive to the buyer and to convey a message.

While watching a game on TV or watching a program, advertisements of different types of products or products of different brands can be seen in the program. Many times the ad is shot by celebrities to make it attractive. The role of advertising in digital marketing is much greater. In order to reach the current customer, the seller must resort to advertising for any product. And the more products you advertise, the more sales you get.

The purpose of advertising

The main purpose of advertising is to promote a product to the customer. The most important thing in advertising is profit. Advertising is very important financially or in creating public opinion, but in many cases it is possible to benefit politically from advertising. Another purpose of advertising is to create a relationship between buyer and seller.

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The medium of advertising

Just a popular medium for TV advertising, advertising is now becoming much more popular on other online platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. The commercial media is slowly becoming more and more popular. Advertisements are now found in newspapers, on the radio, in various vehicles, or on public transport banners. The ads are slowly becoming more attractive so that you can do more for the customer. It is estimated that at present a person watches over four thousand advertisements from morning till night. Then it is understood to what extent advertising plays a role in our life in buying any product.
There are several types of advertising, including print media, television, and digital marketing. These are all examples of advertising. Nowadays another advertisement is becoming very popular and it is a very lucrative one that is paid announcement.

Types of advertising

  • Online advertising
  • Print Advertising
  • Media Advertising

Online advertising

Online advertising is the act of advertising online or through the Internet. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or YouTube Ads are all online advertising platforms. Many people who are regularly connected to the Internet are familiar with online advertising together.

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Print Advertising

Print Advertising is the process of printing magazines, vouchers, paper banners or leaflets on paper. Print advertising can be seen on various billboards or on public transport

Media Advertising

Almost everyone is familiar with media advertising. The ads that are seen on TV or the advertisements that are heard on the radio page are called Midi Advertising. All the advertisements we see in electronic media are media advertising.


Advantages of advertising

Introducing new products to the market

The main advantage of advertising is that any new product in the market actually makes it known to the consumers. When a customer finds out about a product through advertising, he is interested in buying that product. It informs buyers about new products and makes them eager to buy.

Increase sales

Advertising increases sales when it reaches more customers. In other words, advertising increases sales.

Going ahead of other competitors

The product that is advertised more than the other alternatives of a product in the market becomes much more popular. And because of this familiarity he gets a lot of sales of the product which makes that product much ahead of other competitors.

Avoiding middlemen

Many times some ads are promoted in such a way as to establish a direct relationship between the buyer and the seller. This makes it possible to avoid middlemen, that is, those who raise prices too much in the packaging or other transport sectors.

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Job creation

Advertising has created a lot more employment. There are employment opportunities in everything from digital advertising to printing advertising. At present salesmen are being hired only for advertisement. So it can be said that advertising has helped in creating employment.

Help reduce the price of magazines and journals

Newspapers and magazines are supposed to be very expensive, but because the advertising companies pay a lot of VAT, the price of the magazine is much lower for the reader to advertise in that magazine. In this way the value of the newspaper gets increased.

Helping to live a better life

Nowadays, everyone is getting used to shopping online. Many people now choose to shop online due to time constraints and transportation problems. Online product shopping advertising plays a much bigger role. Now people can decide which product to buy by looking at the advertisement.

These are the benefits of advertising. There are also some disadvantages to advertising such as excessive advertising which wastes a lot of time but there is no denying that it has increased customer benefits.

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