What is cyber crime? Definition, Types & Statistics

Cybercrime or computer crime is a type of crime that is committed using a computer or mobile or any electronic device. Cybercrime can involve fraud, identity theft or breach of privacy. Cybercrime, especially the crimes committed through computers, is on the rise.

What is cyber crime? (Cyber ​​Crime In Bengali)

Cybercrime is the organization of any type of crime using digital technology. Cybercrime occurs through the internet. The main goal of the criminal is to harm the victim by using internet and electronic devices. In the case of cyber crime, the perpetrator does not appear in person at the scene. The perpetrator does not have a physical presence but a virtual perpetrator commits the crime as a virtual person. Cybercrime would have been much less when the Internet was not so widespread, but now with the proliferation of the Internet, the proliferation of cybercrime has increased a lot. One study found that there is no place in the world or no city or village where cybercrime has not taken place. So the cybercrime issue is now known to everyone. Many people have become victims of cyber crime without knowing it.

Cybercrime can be a cyber attack on a person or government or corporate information. In all of these attacks or crimes, the person who committed the cybercrime or the perpetrator himself is not present at the scene. Even cybercrime can be organized from one end of the world to the other. And this is why the prevalence of cyber crime is so high.

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In the past, cybercrime used to mean hacking. But with the passage of time, the trend of cyber crime on the internet has increased and different types of cyber crimes are taking place.

Types of cyber crime


  • Identity theft and invasion of privacy
  • Internet fraud
  • ATM fraud
  • Attacking file sharing and privacy
  • Hacking
  • Computer virus
  • Hacking via spam messages or e-mail

Identity theft and invasion of privacy

Criminals who steal identity through the internet, that is, steal a person’s personal information through the internet, are called identity thieves. Identities are stolen mainly account username and password or bank account information is stolen. Many times cyber criminals are able to steal money from the account by stealing debit card or debit card information.

Spam messages or scams

Many times criminals send tempting messages to someone’s phone through spam messages. Lottery prize winning messages are sent to the person’s phone. In this way a lot of money is stolen from the person through blackmail.

  • Charity fraud
  • Online gift card
  • Bank loan
  • Money Making Online
  • Phishing website scam
  • Fake price
  • Job offer
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By showing all the above temptations, a lot of money is often taken from the person through fraud which is a cyber crime.


Almost everyone now knows about hacking. In the past, when the Internet was not so widespread, cybercrime was mainly organized through hacking. People who are involved in hacking are called hackers. Hackers do good deeds while black hat hackers are associated with bad deeds. Many times hackers can hack your information through various files or emails. Many people’s information is hacked through spamming messages. Hackers steal information and take it to themselves and then sell that information to different companies or they offer it to you again to buy your information at a price. Hacking is a type of cyber crime that is completely illegal. Many times hackers try to access government sites and hack many government sites and as a result various information of government or country is stolen.

Software piracy

Applications that require the original to be downloaded or purchased with money may be pirated and distributed online by some individuals. Since the software is the sole property of those who created it, the person who made that privacy through any other means is considered a criminal. Currently the level of piracy has increased a lot. Various games or movie software are now being distributed for free through piracy so that the developers have to face a lot of losses.

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However, it is not only those who distribute these softwares online for free, but also those who are using these softwares for free, that is, those who are using the pirated softwares are also committing cybercrime.

Computer virus

Criminals involved in cybercrime often use computer viruses to hack into a victim’s computer and steal various computer information. This is a kind of saver time again there are many programmers who infect or destroy the whole system by sending different kinds of malware or Trojan horse. In most cases, these viruses enter the computer unknowingly when downloading some pirated software from online or by entering a link.

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