What Is Coding? How To Learn Coding?

All the games we play or the software we use are computer generated through coding. Coding is important in creating a website or in software development. If you learn coding then you can do some software development of your choice then you can make a game and play it yourself.

What is coding?

The computer does not understand any language except binary. In our daily life, all the commands that we give to the computer, the computer converts all of them into binary. Coding is a programming language. Coding allows a person to communicate with a computer. There are different types of coding. All the programming languages ​​have coding. However, it is much harder to learn coding than the science fiction movies that we see in it.

Coding requirements

The need for coding is much greater in performing any task in today’s world. Since programming languages ​​guide the computer, it helps a lot in using the computer. Computer software is built with coding. Coding also puts a lot of emphasis on website development. Again, using coding, you can do some small application development at the beginning. Also, there is no substitute for coding in all tasks of artificial intelligence, including machine learning.

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Those who are more interested in software development or website development can learn coding. Many people think that if website development can be done with WordPress then what is the need of coding? WordPress is actually created using coding so coding is an open space in front of you where you can do whatever you want.

Types of coding

Coding is divided into two parts

  • Web language coding
  • Windows coding

How To Start Coding

To learn coding, you need to master a computer language. Coding will be easier for you if you can learn multiple languages. The hardest thing we see in movies or videos is that the language of aliens is being written on computers. However, if you learn coding, you can understand these languages. You can even write it yourself after learning coding.

How to learn coding

In today’s age of internet learning coding is very easy. There are various courses available on the internet from which you can learn coding. Also now many institutes offer opportunities to learn coding. Again using YouTube or various video platforms you can learn the basics of coding by watching the coding tutorials. But coding doesn’t require you to learn overnight, it requires patience and perseverance. The computer knows the language like coding a language so you have to practice hard on the computer again and again and correct all the mistakes or erodes that will be caught.

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Picking a programming language

A programming language will be required to learn coding. There are currently many programming languages ​​that are very easy to learn. You can use C, C ++ or Python language. However, for professional coding, you need to know about multiple programming languages.

Creating logic

The main function of coding is to create logic. The programming language that you create on the computer will provide the output of the computer later. To make you work with the computer by creating logic.

Know the type of programming language you have chosen

Different types of programming languages ​​need to know about them. Gradually increase your knowledge of the programming language you are using to start coding.


Even if you know about coding by reading books or taking classes online, it can be expressed through practice. You don’t just have to know the coding, you have to let the computer know and you have to learn to create logic. You have to create logic and practice it yourself.

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Learning from mistakes

A lot of times after creating different logics can show errors which means something went wrong. You need to find out. The programming language or application you are using makes it easier for you to figure out your mistakes if the application catches your mistake. Learning from that mistake will have to be coded accurately later.

The best YouTube channel for learning coding

To learn coding you will need an online course or a YouTube playlist. For those who want to learn coding online, these YouTube playlists are very helpful for coding. You can follow any one of the following YouTube channels or get an idea about coding by following multiple YouTube channels.

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