What Is Cloud Computing? How Cloud Computing Works: Uses, Types, Advantages And Disadvantages

Cloud computing is the provision of various services through the Internet such as data storage, servers, networking, and software. This means that different files can be stored in a remote database using cloud computing and they can be reused when we use the internet.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the process of storing data on a cloud device at a remote location, instead of using a computer’s hard disk, pen drive, or another device to store data. We can also use all the storage devices that we normally use offline, which means we don’t need any internet to access these files. But to use Cloud Storage: the Internet is required. Any file can be stored in the cloud storage using the Internet and later it can be viewed again through the Internet.

All the benefits of using other storage can be found in cloud storage. Again using cloud computing you can get any remote computer as hardware and software services through cloud computing.

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Use of cloud computing

A number of tasks can be accomplished using cloud computing. In the meantime

  • As Storage
  • As hardware
  • As software

Cloud computing is used.

Use of cloud computing as storage

Cloud computing can be used as storage. Many people use Google Drive. All videos or files stored in Google Drive are uploaded to cloud storage. Also, all the pictures or videos that are uploaded on Facebook remain in the cloud storage. To put something in cloud storage you need to be connected to the internet and to download something from cloud storage you need internet.

As software

Cloud computing can be used as software. Some small software can be used very easily through cloud computing. You can access any software in the cloud storage through the Internet. If you have software that you do not have in cloud storage and you are connected to the Internet then these softwares can be used. However, small software can be used through cloud computing. Larger software is still not well used in cloud computers.

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As hardware

The use of cloud computing as hardware is now on the rise. Many advanced games can now be played on weak computers using cloud computing. Cloud computing can play games on other computers as hardware on devices that have a fast internet connection. In this case, the process is another computer being used as hardware for the game that is playing on your screen.

Advantages of cloud computing

  • Data storage can be done
  • Data is not lost because the data stored in the cloud storage is completely online.
  • Storage can be easily increased
  • Hard work is less but it can be increased.

Although many softwares are not installed on computers, they can be used through cloud computing.


The disadvantages of cloud computing

  • Since all the data is online, the security is a bit low.
  • Server’s control is much less
  • Cloud computing cannot be used without internet

Although there are advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing, it is expected that the use and popularity of cloud computing will increase in the future world. People are now becoming online based and cloud storage cloud computing companies are out now so gradually people are leaning towards cloud computing. Many of us are already in the cycle of cloud computing. Because most of the services that we have with Facebook, Microsoft, Google use cloud storage or cloud computing. Many large companies are now selling their cloud storage and the demand for cloud storage is slowly increasing.

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