What Is Artificial Intelligence? How It Works And Examples

Artificial intelligence is an extraordinary discovery of science that is interconnected with our present day-to-day life. Finding a location with the help of Google Maps or displaying your favorite videos or pictures on social media is all but the work of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence has come a long way and now smart cars can run on their own. There are also various devices that can be attached to your home and comply with any commands you give.

Today robots are made using artificial intelligence technology. There are thousands of other examples of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence or AI technology is an invention that can do anything on its own. If any command is given to this technology then it can work with decision in that light.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence can be easily compared to an artificial brain. How does the human brain accomplish a task, that is, think for itself? Such artificial intelligence solves a problem on its own without anyone’s help. However, the solution to this problem is to set one as a command. A robot can be thought of. When a robot does a task with its hands, it takes the help of its artificial intelligence brain. Artificial intelligence controls the whole process so that the robot can do its job well.

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Artificial intelligence controlled cars

There is a lot of work being done today that could not have been imagined before using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence now works like a human brain, and artificial intelligence, or artificial intelligence, does almost everything a human being can solve.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work?

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word artificial intelligence is the word robot. We wonder what artificial intelligence is like in Hollywood movies. However, artificial intelligence is not limited to robotics. Artificial intelligence has been created so that it can act as an alternative to the human brain. That’s a lot going on right now. The use and impact of artificial intelligence can be seen in everything from education, commerce and the workplace. In the beginning, with artificial intelligence, only counting numbers or reading a text was done. We are currently witnessing the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence is noticeable in all daily activities. Artificial intelligence is used in everything from travel to sports.

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Robotics has a wide range of uses for artificial intelligence. Video games are currently being created with artificial intelligence. In this case also the use of artificial intelligence can be seen. Artificial intelligence is also used as the brain of the robot in tasks like making robots.

Smart home

Devices such as Alexa or CCD have been created using artificial intelligence to answer any human command. Using SmartHome Devices, you can turn on and off all the devices in your home with control.
Smart car
Most of the cars currently being built have automatic driver options. Without the driver the car can control itself. This is actually an artificial intelligence technology. Using which a car is made into a smart car.


All of these advertisements we see on Facebook or YouTube are shown to us using artificial intelligence on our devices and what we are interested in. That is, a person makes extensive use of artificial intelligence without his knowledge.

That’s why if you search for any one of your topics on Facebook or YouTube, the advertisements of that topic are more noticeable. Artificial Intelligence understands which advertisements should be shown to you by looking at which websites you are visiting online and what you are looking for.

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