4 Ways To Clean A Microwave Oven

Many people now use microwave ovens. The process of heating or preparing any food using microwave oven is very simple. But cleaning the microwave oven is annoying to everyone. There is a very simple method of using microwave oven cleaning methods, then the microwave oven does not have to be damaged or cleaned much later.

Use lemon

It is possible to easily clean the microwave oven using lemon. Lemon is very effective in cleaning any type of oily substance. Lemon can be used to clean microwave ovens and is a very effective method. First you have to cut a lemon in half. Since you must make steam in the microwave to clean the microwave, the half-cut lemon must be placed upside down on a plate inside the microwave. To create steam you must turn on the microwave and heat for one minute until steam is generated in the microwave. Then take out the plate with lemon from the microwave oven. Wipe the inside of the microwave oven using a tissue or plate. You will see that the microwave oven has been cleaned very well.

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Dishwashing detergent

Microwave ovens can be cleaned very well using dishwashing detergent. First take hot water and mix dish washing detergent in hot water. Care should be taken not to take too much dish washing detergent. All you have to do is put the powder mixture with hot water in a container in the microwave oven. Turn on the microwave oven and wait for it to evaporate. It can take up to a minute to evaporate. Then if steam is seen in the microwave oven, the microwave oven should be turned off. Take out the container and wipe with a sponge or tissue paper. You can use a soft necklace to remove if you wish. This way you can easily clean the microwave oven using dishwashing detergent.

Use of vinegar

Vinegar can be used when there is a lot of dirt in the microwave oven. The vinegar method is very effective and does not require steam generation in the microwave oven. The vinegar procedure will require a spray bottle and vinegar. Take the vinegar in the spray bottle and spray it inside the microwave oven. Wait a while so that the vinegar can clean the dirt properly. Then clean the vinegar with a sponge or soft rag. You will see that the dirt has gone up with the vinegar and your oven is clean.

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Use baking soda

Your microwave oven can be easily cleaned using baking soda. Take baking soda in a pot and make a paste with some water. Leave the paste in the microwave oven for a while. After at least five minutes, close the open tee and wipe the inside of the microwave oven with a sponge or rag. Your microwave oven has become quite clean.

You can easily clean the microwave oven using all these methods, but it is best if you cover the food that you are heating in the microwave oven. Microwave ovens are much less dirty if the various parts of the food heated in the microwave oven do not fall into the microwave oven when covered. It is very easy to clean the microwave oven for those who regularly heat the food in the microwave oven with the lid on. Can only be thoroughly cleaned in the microwave oven with a sponge or wet towel. All the spots that could be picked up through this were those. However, if the microwave is more dirty then you can use one of the above methods which you think is advantageous.

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Microwave ovens should always be used with great care because the steam that is created in the microwave oven is much more viscous. Some foods should not be heated in a microwave oven because they make the microwave more dirty and often difficult to clean. However, lemon and vinegar are able to remove the most stubborn dirt. So if your microwave oven is too dirty, you must clean the microwave oven using lemon and vinegar. And if it is a little dirty, clean the microwave oven with a wet towel or sponge. However, do not clean the microwave oven with anything hard at any time as it may stain the inside.

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