Top 5 Websites For Learning Coding In 2022

Those who want to take up computer engineering as a profession must learn programming. You will need to learn coding in web development or web design or any other related work. A course needed to learn coding. Coding is not usually taught in schools or colleges. If you want to learn coding in a good way, you must enroll in a course. This course can be online or offline. However, coding is done offline in very few places. And the whole thing is computer based, so learning online coding is more convenient. Online courses are now very advanced and teach coding with great skill. So those who want to learn new coding can buy an online coding learning course. These courses are available online at a much lower cost. So those who want to learn coding at low cost can also learn coding using one of these courses.

The advantage of learning coding through online websites

The biggest advantage of learning coding online is that you can do these courses at your convenience while sitting at home. Many now work and are busy all day. Students spend most of their time in educational institutions while those who work spend time with them in the office so they cannot find the time they need to learn coding in the middle of their busy schedule. So they spend most of their time busy and online courses are best for them. Also the best instructors in the world online help to teach coding so you will get world class courses. Online you can choose a programming language of your choice and learn it.

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Difficulty learning coding through online websites

One of the drawbacks of learning coding online is that you do not have the opportunity to learn with pen in hand. If there are any mistakes or errors while learning coding, there is no one to explain them directly.

Top 5 Websites for Learning Coding Online



Code Academy is a very popular website for learning online coding. You can learn programming languages ​​like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python through the courses of Codecademy website. Code Academy provides their users with a much more advanced interface for learning coding. Users will also get these courses at a much lower price. In addition, the Code Academy is slowly expanding its reach and adding new courses to its program.



Treehouse is currently a very popular website for teaching coding. Treehouse provides a trial package for the first 7 days. Those who want to buy a tree house coding learning course can take this trial package first. Using 7 days brings a lot of good ideas about the course. This course also costs ২৫ 25 per month. Many affordable and popular courses can be learned from the basics of coding to the pro level.

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Plura is a much more popular website for learning site coding. This website gives you the opportunity to learn tech skills. In the beginning users will get 10 days free trial. Those who are new to buying courses on this website can use the free trial to get ideas about the course. Using Pura site you can learn HTML, Python, JavaScript and all other programming languages.

Khan Academy


Khan Academy is currently very popular for teaching coding. Those who want to learn coding more easily can take the coding course of Khan Academy. Not only coding but also Khan Academy provides you more services related to tech. Some courses at Khan Academy are completely free for students. So you can easily take these courses. Those who want to learn coding but have financial problems can take the course of Khan Academy.



Udacity is another popular website for learning coding. Those who want to learn coding online can start learning coding using this website. You can take the help of this coding learning website for government work or personal work.

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You can start learning coding by using any one of the above websites. Learning coding is a complex subject and requires a lot more patience. So to learn coding, first take a good knowledge of coding and then you can take any one course to learn coding.

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