Top 10 Low End Mobile Games For Android In 2022

There are currently many games in the App Store on the Google Play Store. Many more new game developers are being created who are constantly developing new games. Many people look for some good games to pass the time. But now it is very difficult to find games on low cost mobiles or low-end devices. Game developers used to make games for much less RAM in the past but now most of them have good quality phones which is why developers are also making games for better devices or for more expensive phones. This is why it is very difficult to find games for low-end Android phones. Here are some of the best games for low-end Android devices. Those whose phones are relatively weak and processors are weak can try these games. Again those who have relatively weak RAM in their phone can also try these games.

Asphalt Nitro


For those who like racing games, today may be a good day. Those who have played this game know how great this game is. And those who like racing games but have not yet played this game in the Asphalt series, they must try the game. The game was released almost two years after the release of their popular game Asphalt 8. The game has gained tremendous popularity since its release and has been widely downloaded due to its small size.

Game size: 48 MB



Those who like to play puzzle or horror type games can play this game. This very small size game has gained a lot of popularity. The demo version of the game can be played for free. If you want to play the game completely, you have to buy it. You can play this game of adventure and horror on a phone with very little RAM.

Game size: 26 MB



Townsman game is a simulation game. In this game you are basically given a state that you have to control. Simulation Times Those who like or want to play games to pass the time can try this game. This small size game can be played on any phone with low RAM.

Game size: 96 MB

Fruit Ninja


This game can be a good choice for those who like to play arcade games. An interface will be found where a lot of fruit will keep going down and you will have to cut them. The Fruit Ninja game has gained a lot of popularity since its release. This game can be an easy solution for those who want to spend their leisure time. This game of choice for everyone, big or small, can be played on any cheap or low RAM phone.

Game size: 155 MB

Stick Cricket


There are many who like to play cricket. However, good cricket games are much more MB, they can not be played on the phone. Many have lost interest in them because they are so time consuming. Stick cricket is a slightly different type of game that gives you some fun experiences with cricket. The game is very small in size and can be played well on any mobile. Everyone, big or small, can play this game. This game can entertain you in your spare time.

Game Size: Varies with device

Among Us


This game became very popular a few days ago. A low RAM smart phone is enough to play online games. However, you need to have internet connection to play the game. You will not be able to easily play the game with your friends or enjoy the game online. The game can be played by 4- 15 players together.

Game size: 202 MB

Stumble Guys


People who love multiplayer games will love this game. In this game you have to face one obstacle after another with the character. At the end of a few rounds the final winner is selected. The game is more fun to play with friends. Many more events have been added to the game and more and more events are being added gradually. The game can be enjoyed on any low RAM mobile.

Game size: 120 MB

Bomber Friends


The Bomber Friends game is a very popular one that can help you spend a lot of time. In this game you have to kill friends with bombs and survive if you want to survive. This multiplayer game can be played by up to 28 people. There are also many events in which game currency is available by participating.

Game size: 110 MB



This game is a puzzle game that you have to solve with ingenuity. This song works by solving some complex puzzles with a robot. This small size game is great to watch and play. Nowadays it is very difficult to find offline games. However, this game can be played offline.

Game size: 10 MB

Subway Surfers


Subway Surfer is a popular arcade game where you have to run and a police chase after you. The main task of this game is to collect coins and overcome obstacles one by one. This small size game can be played on any low RAM mobile.

Game size: 153 MB

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