Sundarban Courier Service Branch Name, Address And Phone Number

Sundarban Courier Service is a popular courier service in Bangladesh. Through Sundarban courier service, customers courier goods from one place to another and receive other. Sundarban courier service became more popular during the mango or litchi season. Many people want to take Sundarban courier service but they have some difficulty in getting the contact address. All the branches and mobile numbers of Sundarban Courier Service are mentioned here. By looking at the branches and mobile numbers of Sundarban Courier Service, any customer can know if there is Sundarban Courier Service in his area and he will get the phone number there.

Sundarban Courier Service Limited has branches all over Bangladesh but it is necessary to know where the branches are. Find out the names and addresses of all the places in the country where Sundarban Courier Service has branches, including Dhaka Metro Branch, Rajshahi One Day Service Branch, Khulna Division Branch, Dhaka Division Branch, Chittagong Division Branch, Barisal Division Branch, Sylhet Division Branch. Can take

Many of those who regularly bring and take goods carry the goods through courier service. Products can be sent and received in every district of Bangladesh through courier service. Sundarban Courier Service is a popular courier service in Bangladesh. Sundarban Courier Service has branches in every district of Bangladesh. Those who want to send courier using Sundarban courier service must know where in Bangladesh there are branches of Sundarban courier service. You can know the branches of Sundarban Courier Service and the contact numbers of the branches from here. Also Sundarban Courier Service Cost, Sundarban Courier Service Address Writing Rules, Sundarban Courier Service Home Delivery, Sundarban Courier Service Emergency Phone Number, Sundarban Courier Service Tracking Apps, Sundarban Courier Service All Branch Numbers, Sundarban Courier Service Head Office Number, Sundarban You will know the mobile numbers of all the branches of the courier service.

How much does Sundarban courier service cost?

Those who want to know the cost of Sundarban courier service can find out the cost from here. Sundarban Courier Service accepts their parcels as kg. They also receive documents and files separately.

Sundarban courier service costs Rs 10 per kg. The cost of any courier inside Dhaka is 60 rupees and 100 rupees outside Dhaka.

Sundarban courier services are also available outside the country, such as the US, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia. However, sending a product outside the country costs a bit more. If you want to send any product weighing 1 kg to America, you will need 2700 rupees. The cost of shipping any product weighing one kg to India is Rs.500. It will cost 2000 rupees to send any product weighing 1 kg through Sundarban courier service. It will cost 1800 rupees to send any product weighing 1 kg using Pakistan’s Sundarban courier service.

How long is the Sundarban courier service delivery time?

The Sundarban courier service usually delivers parcels within the country within 16 to 18 hours. But you have to remember that it must be a working day. The Sundarban courier service is closed on Friday and Saturday. It takes 3 working days or 72 hours for goods to reach Sundarban courier service in USA, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan outside the country. It takes 2 working days or 48 hours for the goods to reach India.

Sundarban Courier Service Dhaka Division Branches

Sundarban Courier Service has branches in almost all districts of Bangladesh. Sundarban courier service available in all districts of Dhaka. You can send or receive goods from Dhaka very easily through Sundarban courier service. If you see the list below, you can see where you will get the product in Dhaka or which branch you will send the product to. If someone sends you the product, you can get an idea of ​​which branch to collect it from or which branch address to give, by looking at all the branches of Sundarban Courier Service Dhaka Division.

Dhaka Division

District Office Address Contact  Numbers
Dhaka Taltola 01552367224,
Dhaka Banani 9821917,
Dhaka Bangla Bazar 01197340434,
Dhaka Bangla Motor 9660363,
Dhaka Bosundhara 8816660,
Dhaka Chawkbazar 01929366638
Dhaka Dhanmondi 01963603075,
Dhaka Ashkona 1915667777
Dhaka Elephent Road 01936003090,
Dhaka Fakirerpool Booking Booth – 1 01819223957,
Dhaka Fakirerpool Booking Booth – 2 01710682528,
Dhaka Monipuripara 01715253699,
Dhaka North South Road 01711676335,
Dhaka Gabtoli 01922371490
Dhaka Raza Bazar 01711227734,
Dhaka Green Road  Vacant
Dhaka Bongo Bazar 01715390919,
Dhaka Gulshan 1 8824773,
Dhaka Niketon 01937171515,
Dhaka Gulshan-2 01936003025,
Dhaka R.K Mission Road 01819007361
Dhaka Hatkhola 01675072031
Dhaka Hatirpul 01728007533,
Dhaka Indira Road 8143755,
Dhaka Jatrabari 01819033323,
Dhaka Jhigatola 01711612253,
Dhaka Postogola 01714556046,
Dhaka Kakoli 9861451,
Dhaka Kakrail 01934836025
Dhaka Kalabagan 01711737853,
Dhaka Kallyanpur Booking Booth – 1 01713027413,
Dhaka Kallyanpur Booking Booth – 2 01711787387,
Dhaka Karwan Bazar Booking Booth 9135095,
Dhaka Kathal Bagan Booking Booth 01915636778,
Dhaka Khilgaon 01190717053,
Dhaka Khilkhet 01819961600,
Dhaka Kochukhet 9857568,
Dhaka Komlapur Stadium 01711896741
Dhaka Imamgonj 01921687208,
Dhaka Lalmatia – 1 01827162776,
Dhaka Lalmatia – 2 0183959475,
Dhaka Mouchak 01916038761,
Dhaka Mirpur-1 01746253532,
Dhaka Mirpur 10 01936003000,
Dhaka Mirpur 2 01711430948,
Dhaka Mogbazar 01811374305,
Dhaka New DOHS, Mohakhali 9883819,
Dhaka Mohakhali Booking Booth 8817429,
Dhaka Mohakhali 9897383,
Dhaka Mohamm-adpur Thana 01199105194,
Dhaka Shekhertek, Mohammadpur 9120570,
Dhaka Mohammodia Housing 01711624337
Dhaka Katasur, Mohammadpur 01726837633,
Dhaka Motijheel Booking Booth – 1 01819176246,
Dhaka Motijheel Booking Booth – 2 01819461773
Dhaka Motijheel Booking Booth – 3 01817384001,
Dhaka Motijheel Booking Booth – 4 01716788324
Dhaka NakhalPara 9830281,
Dhaka Noya Paltan Agecny 9346152,
Dhaka New Eskaton Road 01716615816,
Dhaka New Market 01711223749,
Dhaka Nikunzo 01922612961
Dhaka Nilkhet 01715060071,
Dhaka Nobabpur 01914004079
Dhaka Pallabi 01675571179,
Dhaka Purana Paltan Booking Booth – 1 01724205500,
Dhaka Purana Paltan Booking Booth – 2 01819216141,
Dhaka Ramna 01911702972,
Dhaka Rampura 02-9331674,
Dhaka Rayer Bazar 01725396080,
Dhaka Rupnagar 01971054692,
Dhaka Shahabag 01711842223,
Dhaka Shahajad pur 01911702227,
Dhaka Shewrapara 8052633,
Dhaka Sukrabad 01716787372,
Dhaka Tejgaon 01711957467,
Dhaka Tejgaon Gulsan Link Road Agency 01713951184,
Dhaka Mohanagar Press Club Booking Booth 01922025690,
Dhaka Tolarbag, Mirpur 01918864210
Dhaka Modho Badda 01726260858,
Dhaka Uttar Badda 01915190576,
Dhaka Vatara Badda 01553390234,
Dhaka Wari 01712156674
Dhaka Kallyanpur 01936003004,
Dhaka Uttara SECTOR-03: 01936003154,
Dhaka UTTRA SECTOR-09:- 01944617827,
Dhaka Corporate 01936003095,
Dhaka Chamelibag 01936003007,
Dhaka Victoria Park 01936003003
Dhaka Kawran Bazar 01936003011,
Dhaka Motaleb Plaza 01936003017,
Dhaka Shamoly 01936003209,
Dhaka Keranigonj 01816920992
Dhaka Jatrabari 01936003026,
Dhaka Mirpur- 11 01197124640
Dhaka Dhanmondi 9136184
Dhaka Babu Bazar 01916604012,
Dhaka KAMARPARA  Vacant
Dhaka Baridhara Agency 8816660,
Dhaka Topkhana Road Booking Booth 01732909460
Dhaka Banani 01936003303,
Dhaka Bosila Road Booking Booth 01737345462
Dhaka Jahangir Nogor University Dhaka 01915127723,
Dhaka Nobinagar Agency Savar 01923340420
Dhaka Savar EPZ Agency 01716919186,
Dhaka Hemayetpur Agency Savar Dhaka 01671862081
Dhaka Keranigonj VACANT
Dhaka Jamgora Agency Ashulia 01915427097,
Dhaka Nobabgonj Upozila Agency 01718068831
Dhaka Dohar Thana Agency 01711934339,
Dhaka Dhamrai Thana Agency 01921475359
Dhaka Nobabgonj VACANT
Dhaka Uttar Khan Agency 01821750007
Dhaka Savar 01199567431
Dhaka Savar DEPZ 01936003164
Dhaka Tongi 01842157272
Dhaka Banasree 01952-255686,
Dhaka R.P Gate Bazar 01716216938
Dhaka Kootia 01711952021
Dhaka Shafipur 01711510163
Dhaka Polash Thana 01811848179
Dhaka Digpait Upashahar 01933242611
Dhaka Vuapur Upazila 01611373839
Dhaka Damudda Upazila 01722209555
Dhaka Muktafachha 01926083605
Dhaka Vedergong Upazial 01915711856
Dhaka Kalmakanda Thana 01721143539
 Dhaka  Farmgate  01936003012
Faridpur Saltha Thana Agency, Faridpur 01912227366,
Faridpur Kanaipur Bazar Agency 01740629666,
Faridpur Char bhardrason VACANT
Faridpur Sadarpur VACANT
Faridpur Nagarkanda VACANT
Faridpur Faridpur 01718684243
Gazipur Simultoli Road Booking Booth Gazipur 01720431857
Gazipur Konabari Agency 01718058926,
Gazipur Vawal Mirzapur Agency Bangla Bazar Gazipur 01912647351
Gazipur Salna Bazar Agency Gazipur 01745527133
Gazipur Chandra Agency Gazipur 01948533294
Gazipur BIDC Bazar Fakir Market Agency 01916200046,
Gazipur Board Bazar Agency Gazipur 01811722738,
Gazipur Gazipur 01936003057,
Gopalgonj Kotali Para Thana Agency 01849166669
Gopalgonj Tungi Para Upozila Agency Gopalgonj 01739648524,
Gopalgonj Gopalgonj 01963931084,
Gopalgonj Kashiani Upozila Agnecy Gopalgonj 01730161666
Gopalgonj Muksudpur Agency Gopalgonj 01713241870
Jamalpur Jamalpur 01915684581
Kishore ganj Bazidpur Upozila Agency Kishoregonj 01712000463,
Kishore ganj Voirob Thana Agency Kishoregonj 01938768122,
Kishore ganj Astogram Thana VACANT
Kishore ganj Hossainpur Thana 01719657876
Kishore ganj Itna Thana VACANT
Kishore ganj Karimgonj Thana Agency 01839915026,
Kishore ganj Kuliarchar Thana VACANT
Kishore ganj Mithamoin Thana VACANT
Kishore ganj Nikli Thana VACANT
Kishore ganj Tarail Thana VACANT
Kishore ganj Kishoreganj 01195259940,
Kishore-ganj Kotiadi Upozila Agency Kishoregonj 01193000378,
Kishore-ganj Kishoregonj Dist. Agency 01915701877,
Kishore-ganj Pakundia Upozila Agency 01944163034,
Madaripur Rajoir Upozila Agency Madaripur 01736580311
Madaripur Shibchor Madaripur Agency 01740962393,
Madaripur Kalkini Upozila Agency Madaripur 01919522980,
Madaripur Madaripur Dist. Agency 01912214420,
Madaripur Ukerhat Thana VACANT
Manikganj Manikgonj Dist. VACANT
Manikganj Singair VACANT
Manikganj Daulatpur Thana VACANT
Manikganj Ghior Thana VACANT
Manikganj Harirampur Thana VACANT
Manikganj Saturia Thana VACANT
Manikganj Shibaloy Thana VACANT
Manikganj Sirajdi Khan VACANT
Manikganj Munshigonj Dist. Agency 01684-229256
Manikganj Gazaria Thana VACANT
Manikganj Lowhajang Thana VACANT
Manikganj Sreenagar Thana VACANT
Manikganj Tongibari Thana VACANT
Manikgonj Manikgonj 01963603042,
Mymen singh Mymensingh PSL- 01191524133,
Courier:- 01195353615,
Narayan ganj Adomji Nagar Agency Narayangonj 01815438745
Narayan ganj Siddhirgonj Agency, Narayan Gonj 01821896562,
Narayan ganj Ponchoboti BSIC Booking Booth Narayangonj 01916781908
Narayan ganj Narayangonj Dist. VACANT
Narayan ganj Arai Hazar VACANT
Narayan ganj Sonargaon Agency Narayangonj 01718378719,
Narayan ganj Kachpur Agency Narayangonj 01715409473,
Narayan ganj Rupshi VACANT
Narayan ganj Rupgonj Upozila Agency 01819493020,
Narayan ganj Bandar Thana VACANT
Narayan ganj Fotullah Thana VACANT
Narayan-ganj Narayanganj PSL- 01936003174,
Courier- 01936003203,
VD- 01936003048
Narshingdi Monohordi Thana Agency Norsingdhi 01724062799,
Narshingdi Polash VACANT
Narshingdi Belabo Upozila Agency Norsingdhi 01920305738,
Narshingdi Raypura Thana VACANT
Narshingdi Shibpur Thana Agency 01715389978,
Rajbari Pangsha Upozila Agency Rajbari 01767484165,
Rajbari Rajbari District 01721587512,
Rajbari Goalonda Bazar Agency Razbari 01716897197,
Rajbari Baliakandi Thana VACANT
Rajbari Kalukhali Thana VACANT
Rajbari Rajbari 01721587512
Shariatpur Goshaier Hat Agency Sariatpur 01711970866
Shariatpur Bhedorganj VACANT
Shariatpur Damudda VACANT
Shariatpur Jajira VACANT
Shariatpur Naria VACANT
Shariatpur Sariatpur Sadar VACANT
Shariatpur Palang VACANT
Shariatpur Shariatpur 01911404795,
Sherpur Sherpur 01731942552,
Tangail Sokhipur Agency Tangail 01740600477,
Tangail Tangail Dist Agency 0921-62809,
Tangail Ghatail Thana Agency 01719088319
Tangail Mirzapur Thana Agency 01729967290
Tangail Kalihati Thana Agency 01740600477,
Tangail Modhupur Upozilla Agency 01714006359
Tangail Bashail Thana VACANT
Tangail Bhuapur Thana VACANT
Tangail Delduar Thana VACANT
Tangail Dhanbari Upazila 01926725620,
Tangail Gopalpur Thana VACANT
Tangail Nagarpur Thana VACANT
Tangail Tangail 01199575481
Tekerhat Sk. Nesar Uddin Market, Tekerhat, Rajoi Madaripur 01938486930,


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Sundarban Courier Service Mymensingh Division Branches

Sundarban Courier Service has branches in almost all districts of Bangladesh. Sundarban courier service available in all districts of Mymensingh . You can send or receive goods from Mymensingh very easily through Sundarban courier service. If you see the list below, you can see where you will get the product in Mymensingh or which branch you will send the product to. If someone sends you the product, you can get an idea of ​​which branch to collect it from or which branch address to give, by looking at all the branches of Sundarban Courier Service Mymensingh Division.

Division Office Name Address Contact OfficeType
Mymensingh Hobirbari, Master Bari Agency Valuka Jahir Library & Photostate, Jamirdia Masterbari, Hobirbari, Valuka, Mymensingh 1191738374 Agency
Mymensingh Valuka Agency Mymensingh Shaikh Amir Uddin Plaza (New Bus Stand), Valuka Pourosova, Mymensingh, 2240. 1714388212 Agency
Mymensingh Trishal Thana Agency Golap Super Market, Near Bridge, Trishal, Mymensingh 1766265328 Agency
Mymensingh Goforgaon Upozila Agency Mymensingh Orpa Medicine Corner, Station Road, Goforgaon, Mymensingh 1710153305 Agency
Mymensingh Nandail Agency Brothers Mobile Shop, Old Bus Stand, Nandail, Mymensingh 1717083312 Agency
Mymensingh Isshorgonj Agency Mymensingh Shan Telecom (Muktijoddha Market Ground Floor), Essorgonj, Mymensingh 1711511436 Agency
Mymensingh Muktagacha Vacant Agency
Mymensingh Krishi Bisshow Biddaloy Mymensingh Mahabub Enterprise, K.R Market, Bangladesh Krishi University, Mymensingh 1713503992 Agency
Mymensingh Mymensingh Dist Vacant Agency
Mymensingh Dhubaura Thana Vacant Agency
Mymensingh Fulbaria Thana Vacant Agency
Mymensingh Fulpur Upazila Agency Hamidia Library, Thana Road, Fulpur, Mymensingh 1735814386 Agency
Mymensingh Kotowali Thana Agency
Mymensingh Gouripur T hana Agency
Mymensingh Haluaghat Thana Agency


Sundarban Courier Service Rajshahi Division Branches

Sundarban Courier Service has branches in almost all districts of Bangladesh. Sundarban courier service available in all districts of Rajshahi. You can send or receive goods from Rajshahi very easily through Sundarban courier service. If you see the list below, you can see where you will get the product in Rajshahi or which branch you will send the product to. If someone sends you the product, you can get an idea of ​​which branch to collect it from or which branch address to give, by looking at all the branches of Sundarban Courier Service Rajshahi Division.

Divission District Office Name Address Contact Type
Rajshahi Bogra 207, Sarker International Market Agency, Bogra Sarkar International, 207, Soptopadi Market, Sathmatha, Bogra 1719616161 Agency
Rajshahi Bogra Gohail Road B. Booth Bogra M/S Madham Traders, Gohail Road, Sutarpur, Bogra 1752856970 Agency
Rajshahi Bogra Bogra Cantonment Booking Booth M/S Utshab Telecom & Mobile Mechanism, Cantt. New Market, Shop No. 17, B-Block, Shajahanpur, Bogra 01714066999 01710648000 Agency
Rajshahi Bogra Dupchacia Upozilla Agency Bogra M/S Shopnil Phone Fax, Mau Plaza, In front of Upazilla Parisad, 1st Lane, Shop No. 3, Dupchachia, 01733292669 01915704971 Agency
Rajshahi Bogra Santhahar Agency BOG M/S Ahsan Enterprise, Ward No. 06, Santahar Pourosova, Adamdighi, Bogra 1716077644 Agency
Rajshahi Bogra Serpur Upozilla Agency Bogra Studio Shilpi, Old Rupali Bank Bhaban 2nd Floor, Bus Stand, Sherpur, Bogra 1718921126 Agency
Rajshahi Bogra Dhunot Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Bogra Gabtoli Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Bogra Kahaloo Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Bogra Nandigram Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Bogra Shariakandi Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Bogra Shibgonj Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Bogra Sonatola Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Chapinawabganj Chapai Sadar Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Chapinawabganj Gomosta Pur Thana Agency Rohonpur Chapai Studio Rupchaya, Muktasha Cinema Hall Road, Rohonpur, Chapainawabgonj 01713720885 01712768915 Agency
Rajshahi Chapinawabganj Shibgonj Agency Chapai D.R Library, Vill: Bagantuli, P.O+P.S: Shibgonj, Dist: Chapainawabgonj 1712192595 Agency
Rajshahi Chapinawabganj Kansert Agency Shibgonj Chapai Kansert , Shibgonj Upazilla, Dist: Chapainawabgonj 01716856151 01711414445 Agency
Rajshahi Chapinawabganj Nachol Thana Ag. Chapai Ishwardi Traders, Vill: Nachol, Chairman Para, P.O+Upazilla: Nachol, Dist: Chapainawabgonj 01717854909 01713704556 Agency
Rajshahi Chapinawabganj Ranihati Agency Shahanaz Digital Studio & Courier Service, Ranihati, Musrivuja, Borogachi Bazar, Chapainababgonj 01749677859 01920371234 Agency
Rajshahi Chapinawabganj Volar Hat Thana & Sona Mosjid Chapai Century Pharmacy, Sona Mosjid, Shibgonj College More, Volarhat, Chapainawabgonj 01711414254 01746013912 Agency
Rajshahi Joypurhat Akkelpur Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Joypurhat Joypurhat Dist. Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Joypurhat Kalai Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Joypurhat Khetlal Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Joypurhat Pachbibi Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Naogaon Nojipur Thana Agency Naogaon Near Boro Masjid , Nojipur, Naogaon 1721206785 Agency
Rajshahi Naogaon Naogaon Dist. Agency Naogaon Dist., Naogaon 1771305265 Agency
Rajshahi Naogaon Atrai Thana Agency Naogaon M/S Khan Traders, Shahebgonj Bazar, Atrai, Naogaon. 01718052834 01917760640 Agency
Rajshahi Naogaon Badalgachi Thana Agency M.R Liabrary, Shaheb Bazar, Upazila More, Badalgachi, Noagoan 1739203637 Agency
Rajshahi Naogaon Dhamurhat Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Naogaon Manda Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Naogaon Mohadevpur Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Naogaon Niamatpur Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Naogaon Patnitala Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Naogaon Porsha Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Naogaon Raninagar Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Naogaon Shapahar Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Natore Natore Dist. Agency Natore Din Manzil, Vill: Boro Gacha, P.O: Natore, Upazila: Natore, Dist: Natore. 077161055 01714258443 01711468816 Agency
Rajshahi Natore Bagatipara Thana Bonpara Bypass Booking Booth, Natore Paper & Courier Corner, Bagatipara, Bonpara Bypass, Bonpara, Natore 01751814892 01711453753 Agency
Rajshahi Natore Gurudas Pur Thana Agency Natore Aditi Computers, Chachkoir Bazar, P.S: Gurudaspur, Dist: Natore 1716220284 Agency
Rajshahi Natore Duyari Duyaria bazar , RM complex 1799369248 Agency
Rajshahi Natore Lalpur Thana Agency Nator Haque Library, Gopalpur Pourosova, P.O: Gopalpur, P.S: Lalpur, Dist: Natore. 1725617520 Agency
Rajshahi Natore Singra Upazila Agency Natore Sundarban Courier Service & Media Center Alhaz Sirajul Islam Super Market Bus Stand, Singra, Natore 01191400727 0772663386 Agency
Rajshahi Pabna Chatmohor Agency Pabna Riad Media Center, Vill: Narikelpara, P.O: Chatmohor, Upazilla: Chatmohor, Dist: Pabna 01711410013 01718510023 Agency
Rajshahi Pabna Ishwardi Thana Agency Pabna Haque Store, Station Road, Ishwardi, Pabna 1727003503 Agency
Rajshahi Pabna Bera Upazila Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Pabna Pabna Dist Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Pabna Vangura Thana Agency Pabna Nurul Telecom & Computers & Sundarban Courier Service Boral Bridge Station Bazar, Pabna 01917222272 01191448802 Agency
Rajshahi Pabna Atgharia Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Pabna Faridpur Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Pabna Sathia Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Pabna Sujanagar Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Sarda Agency Rajshahi Elora Enterprise, Sarda Police Academy, Sarda Bazar, Sarda, Rajshahi 01718785536 01936603558 Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Rajshahi University Agency News Center, T.S.C Chattar, Rajshahi University, Rajshahi 1711348065 Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Naohata Agency Rajshahi Naohata, P.S: Poba, Dist: Rajshahi 1710244495 Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Bagmara Agency Rajshahi Tahera Enterprise, Vill: Vobanigonj, Upazilla: Bagmara, Dist: Rajshahi 1718542219 Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Tanor Thana Agency Rajshahi Soma Studio, Vill+P.O+P.S: Tanor, Rajshahi 1712678601 Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Medical Bandhogate Agency Digital Zone, Medical Bondhogate, Greater Road, Rajshahi. 1726559610 Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Rajshahi Court Booking Booth Rajshahi Court, Rajshahi 1711136939 Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Upashahar Agency Rajshahi Shimi Enterprise, Upashahar, P.O: Rajshahi, P.S: Boalia, Dist: Rajshahi 1713703030 Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Godagari Thana Agency Multi Media Phone Fax Service, Godagari Pourosova, Godagari, Rajshahi 01197234109 01716373842 Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Motihar Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Putia Agency Upazila Market, Room No. 33, Putia, Rajshahi 1713748678 Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Bagha Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Shalbagan Booking Booth Rajshahi Ekota Fol Vandar, Shalbagan Bazar, Sopura, Boalia, Rajshahi 01710874071 01814358571 Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Shiroil Booking Booth Rajshahi Arfa Enterprise, Shiroil Mollah Mill, Station Road, Ghoramara, Rajshahi 1197068667 Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Durgapur Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Mohanpur Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Shah Mokhdum Nowsapara Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Matihar Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Sirajgonj Kamarkhondo Upazila Agency Al Baraka Computer Training Center, Jamtoli, Poschim Bazar, Upazilla: Kamarkhondo, Dist: Sirajgonj 1713261812 Agency
Rajshahi Sirajgonj Sirajgonj Dist. Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Sirajgonj Sahazadpur Upazila Agency Sirajgonj Hoque plaza,Monirampur Bazar, Sahazadpur, Sirajgonj 1727364150 Agency
Rajshahi Sirajgonj Ulla Para Agency Sirajgonj M/S Arif Traders, P.O: Ullapara, Upazilla: Ullapara, Dist: Sirajgonj 01720352693 01718214170 01912744898 Agency
Rajshahi Sirajgonj Belkuchi Thana Agency Sirajgonj Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Limited, Mukundagati Bazar, Belkuchi, Sirajgonj 1720662238 Agency
Rajshahi Sirajgonj Chowhail Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Sirajgonj Kazipur Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Sirajgonj Tarash Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Sirajgonj Salanga Vacant Agency
Rajshahi Rajshahi Rajshahi Shaheb Bazar, Rajshahi Courier: Branch
01190856623, 01963603024, 0721774402
Rajshahi Naogaon Naogaon In front of Awami League Party Office, Noagaon 1195436214 Branch
Rajshahi Joypurhat Joypurhat Nondi Market, Sadar Road, Joypurhat 01191838559 01193232596 Branch
Rajshahi Sirajgonj Sirajgonj Under Hotel Jamuna, Ground Floor, Sirajgonj 1928851102 Branch
Rajshahi Natore Natore Kanaikhali, In front of Islamic Bank, Natore 1716731952 Branch
Rajshahi Bogra Bogra Under Dhaka Bank, Jhawtola, Bogra 1914292690 Branch
Rajshahi Chapinawabganj Chapinawabganj In front of Pourosova, Priti Plaza 1712187694 Branch
Rajshahi Pabna Pabna Abdul Hamid Road, LMB Market, Pabna 1963603065 Branch
Rajshahi Joypurhat Hili Ghora Ghat Road, Under Sonali Bank 1739801546 Branch
Rajshahi Bogra Sonatola 3 matha more,Sonatola Besides Gazi plaza, , Bogra. 1917805227 Agency
Rajshahi Joypurhat Akkelpur Agency College Road , Akkelpur , Joupurhat 182758625 Agency


Sundarban Courier Service Chittagong Division Branches

Sundarban Courier Service has branches in almost all districts of Bangladesh. Sundarban courier service available in all districts of Chittagong. You can send or receive goods from Chittagong very easily through Sundarban courier service. If you see the list below, you can see where you will get the product in Chittagong or which branch you will send the product to. If someone sends you the product, you can get an idea of ​​which branch to collect it from or which branch address to give, by looking at all the branches of Sundarban Courier Service Chittagong Division.

Divission District Office Name Address Contact Type
Chittagong Brahmanbaria Ashugonj Agency B. Baria Noor Medical Centre, Station Road, Ashuganj, B. Baria 1720659420 Agency
Chittagong Brahmanbaria B. Baria Dist. Agency 78, Pouro Market, (1st Floor), B. Baria 1817525554 Agency
Chittagong Brahmanbaria Nobi Nagar Agency B. Baria M/S Islam Stationary, New Market, Nobinagar Bazar, B. Baria 1556524771 Agency
Chittagong Brahmanbaria Kosba Upazila Agency M/S Bismillah Enterprise, Shimanto Complex 3, (Under Islami Bank), Kosba Puraton Bazar, B. Baria 1733148592 Agency
Chittagong Brahmanbaria Akhaura Upozila Agency B. Baria College Road, Eastern Side of NCC Bank (1st Floor), Haque Telecom & Computer, Sarak Bazar, Akhaura, 1815582591 Agency
Chittagong Brahmanbaria Nasir Nagar, B. Baria Vacant Agency
Chittagong Brahmanbaria Sorail Thana Agency Foreign Phone Service, Sokal Bazar, Sarail, B. Baria 1713612212 Agency
Chittagong Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar Upazila Agency M/S Maya Enterprise, Mirzapur Bazar, Bijaynagar, B. Baria 01740597100 01711716694 Agency
Chittagong Brahmanbaria Banchharampur Upazila Agency M/S Barnomala Library & Stationary, Upazila Sadar Road, Banchharampur, Brahmanbaria 1711133122 Agency
Chittagong Bandarban Bandarban Dist. Agency Bandarban Ward No. 4, K.B. Road, Pourosova Bandarban Sadar, P.S: Bandarban Sadar, Dist: Bandarban Parbotto Zi 1556524368 Agency
Chittagong Bandarban Alikadam VACANT Agency
Chittagong Bandarban Lama VACANT Agency
Chittagong Bandarban Naikhangchhari VACANT Agency
Chittagong Bandarban Roangchhari VACANT Agency
Chittagong Bandarban Ruma VACANT Agency
Chittagong Bandarban Thanchi VACANT Agency
Chittagong Chandpur Hajigonj Agency, Chandpur Patuary Enterprise, Paschim Bazar, North Side of Kitri Hotel, Hajigonj, Chandpur 1917204436 Agency
Chittagong Chandpur Motlob (South) Agency Chatrobondhu Library & Press, Motlob (South), Sadar, Chandpur 1712039862 Agency
Chittagong Chandpur Faridgonj Upozila Agency Chandpur Grameen Electric, East Bazar, Faridgonj, Chandpur 1913615757 Agency
Chittagong Chandpur Chandpur Dist. Agency Bhuiyan Centre, Shopoth Chottor More, Shahid Muktijoddha Sarak, Chandpur Sadar, Kalibari, Chandpur 63729 Agency
Chittagong Chandpur Kochua Thana Agency Bismillah Enterprise, (In front of Fire Service Gate), Kochua, Chandpur 1925054363 Agency
Chittagong Chandpur Haimchar VACANT Agency
Chittagong Chandpur Matlab Uttar Chengarchor Agency, Chandpur Mollah Library & Stationary, School Road, Chengarchor Bazar, Matlab Uttar, Chandpur 1937975517 Agency
Chittagong Chandpur Shahrasti VACANT Agency
Chittagong Comilla Choddogram Mokrom Market Agency, Comilla Shahed Enterprise, Mokrom Ali Market, Choddogram, Comilla 1727908827 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Race Course Agency Comilla Keya Media Center, Mofiz Uddin Road, Race Course, Comilla 1711322668 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Comilla Medical College M/S Priti Telecom, Comilla Medical College Road, Kuchaitoli, Comilla. 01923643939 01937632128 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Court Bari Agency Comilla Soudia Telecom, Shop No. 52, 2 No. Cantt. Board Market, Courtbari, Dist: Comilla 1713603032 Agency
Chittagong Comilla EPZ B. Booth , Comilla M/S Shima Enterprise, Tom Tom Bridge, EPZ, Comilla, 01777951692 01767442959 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Cantonment Agency, Comilla Boshundhara Enterprise, Moynamati Cannt. Market, Shop No. 243, P.O: Comilla Cantt. Adrosho Sadar, 01817098382 01977098382 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Daud Kandi Agency Comilla Master Telephone & Stationery, Khaza Market, Bishwaroad, Daud Kandi, Comilla. 1915054159 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Companygonj Agency Muradnogor Comilla Jewel Computer Center, Muradnagar Road, P.O: Companigonj, Upazilla: Muradnagar, Dist: Comilla. 1819111123 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Barura Thana Agency Comilla Fair Telecom & Photostate, Hospital Road, Abdur Rahim Biponi, Borura, Comilla. 1917231180 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Homan VACANT Agency
Chittagong Comilla Mudafforgonj Bazar Agency, Laksam Comilla Shahid Digital Point, Zilla Parisad Super Market, Mudafforgonj Bazar, Laksam, Comilla 1716830885 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Laksam Thana Agency Micro Trading, Bypass, Laksam, Comilla 01711738516 01196102829 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Sodor South Comilla Agency Somrat Enterprise, Paduar Bazar, Bishwaroad, Sadar South Upazilla, Comilla 1714916338 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Debider Thana Agency M/S Jahanara Enterprise, Rahmania Supermarket, Debider, Comilla 1815322168 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Chandina Thana Agency Comilla Jewel Computer Center, Chandina Pourosova, Chandina, Dist: Comilla 1819111123 Agency
Chittagong Comilla Brahmanpara Vacant Agency
Chittagong Comilla Burichang Vacant Agency
Chittagong Comilla Daulatgonj Vacant Agency
Chittagong Comilla Monohorgonj Vacant Agency
Chittagong Comilla Meghna Vacant Agency
Chittagong Comilla Nangalkot Vacant Agency
Chittagong Comilla Titas Vacant Agency
Chittagong Comilla Kotwali Vacant Agency
Chittagong Cox`s Bazar Chokoria Thana Agency Cox’s Bazar M/S Azad Photostate & Courier Service, Vill: Binamara, P.O: Chiringa, Pourosova: Chokoria, Dist: Co 1811255352 Agency
Chittagong Cox`s Bazar Kolatoli B. Booth Beauty Tailors, Kolatoli, Near Kindergarden, Cox’s Bazar 1914458745 Agency
Chittagong Cox`s Bazar Link Road (Cox’s Bazar Thana) Vill: Muhuri Para, P.O: Link Road, P.S+Dist: Cox’s Bazar 01814444215 01713618383 Agency
Chittagong Cox`s Bazar Eid Gaon Agency Cox’s Bazar Eid Gaon Badh Station (Beside Prime Bank), Eid Gaon, Cox’s Bazar 0341-58273 Agency
01198137070 01190677280
Chittagong Cox`s Bazar Moheshkhali Thana Agency Cox’s Bazar M/S Sazzad Enterprise, Dighi Road, Gourokghata, Moheshkhali, Cox’s Bazar 1720657999 Agency
Chittagong Cox`s Bazar Teknaf Upazila Agency Cox’s Bazar Rayhan Enterprise, Hotel Rajmohol (Ground Floor), Puraton Bus Station, Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar 01819084326 0342675094 01847061533 Agency
Chittagong Cox`s Bazar Kutubdiya Thana Agency Cox’s Bazar Sufi Complex, Zip Extension, Upazilla Parisad, Kutubdia, Cox’s Bazar 1818921724 Agency
Chittagong Cox`s Bazar Ramu Thana Agency Cox’s Bazar Vill: Paschim Meronglowa, P.O: Ramu, P.S: Ramu, Dist: Cox’s Bazar 1713618447 Agency
Chittagong Cox`s Bazar Ukhiya Upozila Agency Cox’s Bazar S.R. Enterprise, Paschim Station (Under Sonali Bank), Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar 1819723115 Agency
Chittagong Cox`s Bazar Pekua VACANT Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Stand Road Booking Booth Majhir Ghat, Ctg 95, Babul Store, Nahar Building, Stand Road, Ctg. 1811709496 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Atuar Depot Booking Booth J & J Enterprise, Hazi Market, (Ground Floor), Atuar Depot Ctg. 1916811926 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Muradpur Booking Booth Boshor Market (1st Floor), Muradpur, Ctg. 031-656037 01819358044 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Chokbazar Agency Ctg. 415/11 Chok New market, Chokbazar, Ctg College Road, Ctg 1711371518 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Nasirabad Agency Ctg. 1005/4 C.D.A Avenue R/A, (Near Asian Highway), Ground Floor. Purbo Nasirabad, Ctg. 1713462079 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Agrabad CDA Booking Booth Arif Book House, 139, C.D.A R/A, Agrabad, Ctg. 1818707675 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Zubli Road Booking Booth Enayet Bazar, Ctg. 369, Jublee Road, Chowdhury Machinary Market, 2nd Floor, Ctg. 1711309943 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Naya Bazar Bishwa Road B. Booth, Ctg. M/S Safat Enterprise, 27/53 Port Connecting Road, Naya Bazar More, Halishahar, Ctg. 1819332135 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Sitakunda Thana Agency Ctg. M/S Nizam Enterprise, D.T. Road, Sitakunda Bazar, Sitakunda, Ctg. 1715639140 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Vatiyari Agency Ctg. Halima Telecom, Vatiyari Uttar Bazar, Vatiyari, Sitakunda, Ctg. 1817767524 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Fouzder Hat Agency Sitakundo Taki International, Beside Highway, Fouzderhat, Sitakunda, Ctg. 1814329822 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Satkania Agency Ctg. S.M. Enterprise, Station Road, Satkania Pourosova, Ctg. 1199253214 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Baroiar Hat Agency Mir Sorai Ctg M/S Bonoful Confectionary, Bishwa Road, Baroiarhat Pourosova, Mirsorai, Ctg. 1819662672 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Zubli Road Booking Booth Enayet Bazar, Ctg. 369, Jublee Road, Chowdhury Machinary Market, 2nd Floor, Ctg. 1711309943 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Naya Bazar Bishwa Road B. Booth, Ctg. M/S Safat Enterprise, 27/53 Port Connecting Road, Naya Bazar More, Halishahar, Ctg. 1819332135 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Sitakunda Thana Agency Ctg. M/S Nizam Enterprise, D.T. Road, Sitakunda Bazar, Sitakunda, Ctg. 1715639140 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Vatiyari Agency Ctg. Halima Telecom, Vatiyari Uttar Bazar, Vatiyari, Sitakunda, Ctg. 1817767524 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Fouzder Hat Agency Sitakundo Taki International, Beside Highway, Fouzderhat, Sitakunda, Ctg. 1814329822 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Satkania Agency Ctg. S.M. Enterprise, Station Road, Satkania Pourosova, Ctg. 1199253214 Agency
Chittagong Chittagong Baroiar Hat Agency Mir Sorai Ctg M/S Bonoful Confectionary, Bishwa Road, Baroiarhat Pourosova, Mirsorai, Ctg. 1819662672 Agency
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Sundarban Courier Service Sylhet Division Branches

Sundarban Courier Service has branches in almost all districts of Bangladesh. Sundarban courier service available in all districts of Sylhet. You can send or receive goods from Sylhet very easily through Sundarban courier service. If you see the list below, you can see where you will get the product in Sylhet or which branch you will send the product to. If someone sends you the product, you can get an idea of ​​which branch to collect it from or which branch address to give, by looking at all the branches of Sundarban Courier Service Sylhet Division.

Divission District Office Name Address Contact Type
Sylhet Hobigonj Bahubal Thana Vacant Agency
Sylhet Hobigonj Chunarughat Thana Agency Madina Library, Upazila Gate, College Road, Chunarughat Hobigonj 01759037152 01712823543 Agency
Sylhet Hobigonj Madhabpur Thana Agency Nasir Nagar Road, Islam Complex, Opposite Of Sonali Bank 01724878143 01716597323 Agency
Sylhet Hobigonj Hobigonj Dist. Agency 24-25, Rupali Mansion Ground Floor, Town Hall, Residential Area 01936003289 01190736607 01714137829 01711329944 Agency
Sylhet Hobigonj Nabigonj Upazilla Agency Yahiya Travels International, Sherpur Road, Room No. 02, New Market, Nabigonj 01929366851 01199366851 01819867348 Agency
Sylhet Hobigonj Azmirigonj Vacant Agency
Sylhet Hobigonj Banichang Vacant Agency
Sylhet Hobigonj Lakhai Vacant Agency
Sylhet Moulvibazar Boro Lekha Thana Agency PC High School Market (1st Floor), Borolekha, Moulvibazar 01819696042 01736809532 Agency
Sylhet Moulvibazar Kulaura Thana Agency Dokhin Bazar, Kulaura, Moulvibazar 01712071662 01972071662 Agency
Sylhet Moulvibazar Sherpur Agency Al Karim Mansion, Dhaka Sylhet Road, Moulvibazar 1.718E+09 Agency
Sylhet Moulvibazar Shamshernagar Station Road, Chowmohona Shamsernagar, Komolgonj, Moulvibazar 01711336448 01918585065 01190789414 Agency
Sylhet Moulvibazar Sreemongol Agency Rashid Market (1st Floor), Station Road, Sreemongol 01816397468 01197418084 Agency
Sylhet Moulvibazar Juri Thana Agency Sundarban Courier Service, Beside BDR Camp, Juri, Moulvibazar 1.711E+09 Agency
Sylhet Moulvibazar Rajnagar Vacant Agency
Sylhet Sunamganj Dirai Upazilla Agency Onirban Boi Ghor, Dirai Bazar, P.S: Dirai, Dist: Sunamgonj 1.914E+09 Agency
Sylhet Sunamganj Dharma Pasha Upazila Agency Dharmapasha, Kazi Office More, Hospital Road, Dharma Pasha 1.74E+09 Agency
Sylhet Sunamganj Sunamgonj Dist. Agency Joha Raja Trade Centre (1st Floor), Puraton Bus Stand, Sunamgonj 0871-62585 01912775279 01717683524 01730083874 Agency
Sylhet Sunamganj Gobindagonj Agency Volagonj Trade International, Rohomotunnesa Shopping Complex, Gobindagonj Point, Chatak, Sunamgonj. 01740541118 01718566675 01938885901 Agency
Sylhet Sunamganj Jagannathpur Thana Agnc. Firoz Miah Market (In front of Thana), Jagannathpur, Sunamgonj 01740960770 01727021396 Agency
Sylhet Sunamganj Biswambarpur Vacant Agency
Sylhet Sunamganj Dokhin Sunamgonj Vacant Agency
Sylhet Sunamganj Dowarabazar Vacant Agency
Sylhet Sunamganj Jamalgonj Vacant Agency
Sylhet Sunamganj Shalla Vacant Agency
Sylhet Sunamganj Tahirpur Vacant Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Boroikandi Booking Booth South Surma Sylhet Zabeda Enterprise, 09 Moubon Supermarket, Tarminal Road, Sylhet 1.713E+09 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Goala Bazar Agency Goalabazar, Osmaninagar, Balagonj, Sylhet 1.71E+09 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Companigonj Thana Agency Volagonj Trade International, Islampur (Tuker Bazar), Companigonj, Sylhet 01728894946 01718566675 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Jointapur Agency Jaflong Trade International, Jointapur, Sylhet 1.749E+09 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Kanaighat Thana Agency Sumaiya Enterprise (Vill+P.O: Shibnagar, P.S: Kanaighat, Dist: Sylhet) 1.716E+09 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Golapgonj Agency B-5, Al Marua Shopping Centre (1st Floor), Chowmohoni, Gopalgonj, Sylhet 1.192E+09 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Shahjalal Upashahar-A, Booking Booth M/S Village Communication Media, Block-A, House: 47, Main Road, Shahjalal Upashahar, Sylhet 1.723E+09 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Kadamtali Booking Booth M/S J. S Enterprise, Kadamtoli Point, Sylhet Sadar, Sylhet 1.719E+09 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Shah Jalal Upashahar Booking Booth (Rose View) 121 Rose View Shopping Complex, Block D, Shahjalal Upashahar Sylhet 01718250882 01917201282 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Madina Market Booking Booth G-14 Library & Stationary 4 No Mahmud Complex, Madina Market, Sylhet 1.713E+09 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet New Medical Booking Booth P.C Bazar, Osmani Medical Road, Kazolshah, Sylhet 0821-722752 01712081919 01198212393 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet East Shibgonj Booking Booth Ahmed Commercial Institute & Computer Centre, Hatim Ali Market, Shibgonj, Sylhet 01915417899 01711045112 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Shahi Eid Gate Booking Booth Paschim Shahi Eidgaon Point, Sylhet 01750240000 01713806147 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet West Shibgonj Booking Booth Telecom Media Service, Sayem Mansion, Shibgonj, Sylhet 1.712E+09 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Amborkhana Booking Booth M/S Sundarban Office Stationary, Moin Complex, Amborkhana, Sylhet. 01715279092 0821-712364 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet University Gate Booking Booth Shahjalal Biggan & Projuti Bisshowbiddaloy Gate, Akhaliaghat Sadar, Sylhet 01677301799 01711059599 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Shajalal Upashahar Booking Booth Crystal Laundry Service, Midland Shopping Centre, Block E, Main Road, Shahjalal Upashahar, Sylhet 1.717E+09 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Fenchugonj Upazila Agnc. Vacant Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Jokigonj Bazar Agency Sylhet Vacant Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Bishwanath Upazila Agnc. M/S Shewly Enterprise, Alkas Miah Avenue, Bilkis Market, Puran Bazar, Biswanathpur, Sylhet 08224-56027 01915703804 01711974770 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Shah Paran Gate B. Booth Vacant Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Biani Bazar Thana Agency Mathiura Plaza (1st Floor), Main Road, Bianibazar 1.918E+09 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Cantonment Agency 65-66 Peuly Super Market, Jalalabad Cantonment, Sylhet 3104 0821-2870331 01712139201 Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Goainghat Vacant Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Kotwali Vacant Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Bimanbandar Vacant Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Osmani Nagar Vacant Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Maglabazar Vacant Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Doyarabazar Vacant Agency
Sylhet Sylhet Sylhet In front of Al-Hamra Market, Zindabazar, Sylhet 01917230660, 01191520063 Branch
Sylhet Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Dhaka-Sylhet Road, Kushum Bag, Moulvibazar 1.918E+09 Branch
Sylhet Sunamganj Chhatak Modrit Mansion, Sylhet Road, Chhatak 01193218996 01717726767 Branch
Sylhet Moulvibazar Srimangal Moulvibazar Road, Srimangal 1.936E+09 Branch
Sylhet Fenjugong Upazila Fenjugonj Upazila Rzonpur ( Khanbari) , Fenjugonj, Sylhet 1.747E+09 Agency


Sundarban Courier Service Rangpur Division Branches

Sundarban Courier Service has branches in almost all districts of Bangladesh. Sundarban courier service available in all districts of Rangpur. You can send or receive goods from Rangpur very easily through Sundarban courier service. If you see the list below, you can see where you will get the product in Rangpur or which branch you will send the product to. If someone sends you the product, you can get an idea of ​​which branch to collect it from or which branch address to give, by looking at all the branches of Sundarban Courier Service Rangpur Division.

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Divission District Office Name Address Contact Type
Rangpur Dinajpur Hakimpur Upazila Ag. DNJ Dihan Traders, Bangla Hili Bazar, Moddho Basudevpur, Hakimpur, Dinajpur 1799369248 Agency
Rangpur Dinajpur Nawabgonj Thana Ag. DNJ M/S Model Traders, Torpon Ghat, P.O: Nawabgonj, Upazila: Nawabgonj, Dist: Dinajpur, 1718836639 Agency
Rangpur Dinajpur Parbatipur Thana Ag. DNJ Brother’s Library, Parbatipur, Dinajpur 01714228721 01915988157 Agency
Rangpur Dinajpur Ghoraghat Thana Ag. DNJ Suvechcha Picture House, Ghoraghat, Bus Stand, P.S: Ghoraghat, Dist: Dinajpur 1712315546 Agency
Rangpur Dinajpur Fulbari Agency DNJ M/S Maya Telecom, Main Road, Fulbari, Dinajpur. 01937545487 01727976279 Agency
Rangpur Dinajpur Birganj Upozilla Agency DNJ Al Madina Store, Thana Masjid Complex, (Shop No. 17), Birgonj, Dinajpur 01737338230 01730971142 01774377922 Agency
Rangpur Dinajpur Birol Upozilla Agency DNJ Birol Bazar, Vill: Birol, P.O: Birol, Upazilla: Birol, Dist: Dinajpur 1712288129 Agency
Rangpur Dinajpur Chirir Bandar Thana Agency Sundarban Courier Service, Ranirbandar, Suihari Bazar, Jahurul Haque Shah Market, Chirirbandar, Dina 01915396179 01775418810 Agency
Rangpur Dinajpur Birampur Thana Agency Dnj Bablu Enterprise, Birampur Puraton Bazar, Main Road, Birampur, Dinajpur 01191166400 01715359529 0532256499 Agency
Rangpur Dinajpur Setabgonj Thana Agency DNJ Moon Stationary & Multi Media Center, Ward No 3, Thana Road, Setabgonj Bazar 1743928907 Agency
Rangpur Dinajpur Bochagonj Vacant Agency
Rangpur Dinajpur Kaharole Vacant Agency
Rangpur Dinajpur Khanshama Vacant Agency
Rangpur Gaibandha Palash Bari Upozilla Agency GBD M/S Ma Store, Polash Bari, Gaibandha 1920189612 Agency
Rangpur Gaibandha Sadullahpur Thana Agency GBD Sundarban Courier Service Pvt. Ltd., Post Office Road, Sadullahpur, Gaibandha 01716948858 01783196758 Agency
Rangpur Gaibandha Gaibandha Dist. Vacant Agency
Rangpur Gaibandha Gobindagonj Agency Gaibandha RNG M. S. Enterprise, Bappi Mansion, (Ground Floor of Sonali Bank), Gobindagonj, Gaibandha. 01710815240 01737899404 01721660213 05423-75400 Agency
Rangpur Gaibandha Fulchari Vacant Agency
Rangpur Gaibandha Shaghata Vacant Agency
Rangpur Gaibandha Shundorgonj Shantiram, Kalitola, Sundargonj, Gaibandha 1704216018 Agency
Rangpur Kurigram Chilmari Thana Agency, Kurigram Islam Paper House, Chilmari Bazar, Kurigram 1191677330 Agency
Rangpur Kurigram Bhurangamari Thana Agency K.Gram M/S Bhai Bhai Stationary, Girls School More, Vurungamari, Kurigram 01190987100 01721701861 Agency
Rangpur Kurigram Roumari Thana Ag. K.Gram M/S Ma Enterprise, Roumari, Dist: Kurigram 01716189159 01718820294 Agency
Rangpur Kurigram Ulipur Thana Agency K.Gram M/S Bornali Supershop, College Road ( Near Janata Bank), Ulipur, Dist: Kurigram 01712565087 01915444701 Agency
Rangpur Kurigram Kurigram Dist. Agency M/S Reju Photostate & Stationary, College More, Kurigram 0581-61824 01712232739 01916720106 Agency
Rangpur Kurigram Nageshwari Thana Agency Kurigram Anis Telecom, Apel Market, In front of Muktizoddha Office, Bus Stand, Nageshwari, Kurigram 01774434044 01730964944 Agency
Rangpur Kurigram Fulbari Vacant Agency
Rangpur Kurigram Rajarhat Vacant Agency
Rangpur Kurigram Rajibpur Vacant Agency
Rangpur Lalmonirhat Kaligonj Vacant Agency
Rangpur Lalmonirhat Patgram Upozilla Agency Lalmonirhat M/S Danish Enterprise, Rosulgonj, Patgram, Lalmonirhat. 01711957138 01929614885 Agency
Rangpur Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Dist. Ag Chand Confectionary, Bata More, Lalmonirhat 01716872266 01673748839 Agency
Rangpur Lalmonirhat Aditmari Vacant Agency
Rangpur Lalmonirhat Hatibandha Vacant Agency
Rangpur Nilphamari Dimla Thana Agency Nilphamari Shimi Enterprise, Shutibari Road, Near Krishi Bank, Dimla, Nilphamary 01716697181 01711472098, Agency
Rangpur Nilphamari Nilphamari Dist. Ag. Sundarban Courier Service, Zila Parisad Market, Nilphamari 01713709055 01196157048 Agency
Rangpur Nilphamari Syedpur Thana Agency Nilphamari Vacant Agency
Rangpur Nilphamari Domar Upozilla Agency Nilphamary P.O+Upazilla: Domar, Dist: Nilphamary 01712872213 01712344513 Agency
Rangpur Nilphamari Jal Dhaka Vacant Agency
Rangpur Nilphamari Kishoregonj Vacant Agency
Rangpur Panchagar Panchagar Dist. Agency Notun Basti (Cinema Road), P.S+P.O.+Dist: Panchogar 1819916279 Agency
Rangpur Panchagar Atwari Upozilla Agency Panchagarh Girls School Road, Atwari, Panchagar 1737426798 Agency
Rangpur Panchagar Boda Thana Agency Panchagar Boda Bus Stand, P.O: Boda, Upazilla: Boda, Dist: Panchagor 01713713215 01718970177 Agency
Rangpur Panchagar Debigonj Vacant Agency
Rangpur Panchagar Tetulia Vacant Agency
Rangpur Rangpur Modern Mor Agency Rangpur Shefa Drug House, Modern More, Rangpur 01717292556 01920342595 Agency
Rangpur Rangpur Rangpur Dist. Agency Sundarban Courier Service, Station Road, Rangpur 052163175 01199372402 Agency
Rangpur Rangpur Medical Purbo Gate Dhap, Shimulbag B. Booth , Rangpur Maloncho Stationary & Confectionary, Medical Purbo Gate Dhap, Shimulbag, Rangpur, 1715571982 Agency
Rangpur Rangpur Rangpur Cantonment Agency Faruk Telecom, 5, Cantonment Bazar, Cantonment Area, Rangpur 1820525960 Agency
Rangpur Rangpur Pirgonj Upozilla Agency RNG M/S Orna Treders, Osmanpur, Pirgonj, Rangpur 01190729745 01725193349 Agency
Rangpur Rangpur Shothibari Agency Vai Vai Treders, Shothibari Bus Stand, Mithapukur, Rangpur 01737131686 01674484166 Agency
Rangpur Rangpur C O Bazar Upozilla Agency RNG M/S Chowdhury Enterprise (Near Shahi Masjid ), Station Road, Dist: Rangpur 1716633481 Agency
Rangpur Rangpur Gobindagonj Agency Gaibandha RNG M. S Enterprise, Bappi Mansion, (Ground Floor of Sonali Bank), Gobindagonj, Gaibandha. 01710815240 054175067 Agency
Rangpur Rangpur Badargonj Road Terminal Agency Razu Varieties Store, Bodorgonj Road Bus Terminal, 6 No. Satpara Union, Rangpur 1741201414 Agency
Rangpur Rangpur Gangachara Vacant Agency
Rangpur Rangpur Kawnia Vacant Agency
Rangpur Rangpur Pirgacha Vacant Agency
Rangpur Thakurgaon Pirgonj Thana Ag. Thakurgaon Purbo Chourasta, Pirgonj, Thakurgoan 01713712303 01915703734 Agency
Rangpur Thakurgaon Thakurgaon Dist. Agency Desh Photostate & Machineries, Art Gallery Building, Thakurgoan, 01717135325, 01913311099, 01197362579 Agency
Rangpur Thakurgaon Baliadangi Vacant Agency
Rangpur Thakurgaon Horipur Vacant Agency
Rangpur Thakurgaon Ranishonkoil Vacant Agency
Rangpur Thakurgaon Thakurgaon Noresh Chowhan Sarak (Infront of Ittadi Hotel), North Side of Hanif Coach Counter 1737549271 Branch
Rangpur Ponchogor Ponchogor Patwari Super Market, Gol Chokkor, Takka Mara, Ponchogor 1673463918 Branch
Rangpur Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat BDR Road Khoddor, Beside Satkhana Hamdard Laboratory 1724284001 Branch
Rangpur Rangpur Rangpur In front of Press Club 1963603020 Branch
Rangpur Dinajpur Dinajpur In front of Fire Service, Goneshtola, Dinajpur 1712338426 Branch
Rangpur Gaibandha Gaibandha Asaduzzaman Market, 1st Floor, Gaibandha 1983207528 Branch
Rangpur Nilphamari Syedpur Shahid Zikrul Haque Road, Under N.C.C Bank, Syedpur 1726233505 Branch
Rangpur Kurigram Kurigram College More, Officers Club Market, 2nd Floor, Kurigram 1190742339 Branch
Rangpur Rangpur Gaggachara Agency Gaggachara Bazar , gaggachara , Rangpur 1980981980 Agency
Rangpur Nilphamari Jal Dhaka Upazila Thana Moor , Jal Dhaka , Nilphamari . 1716636411 Agency

Sundarban Courier Service Barisal Division Branches

Sundarban Courier Service has branches in almost all districts of Bangladesh. Sundarban courier service available in all districts of Barisal. You can send or receive goods from Barisal very easily through Sundarban courier service. If you see the list below, you can see where you will get the product in Barisal or which branch you will send the product to. If someone sends you the product, you can get an idea of ​​which branch to collect it from or which branch address to give, by looking at all the branches of Sundarban Courier Service Barisal Division.


Divission District Office Name Address Contact Type
Barisal Barisal Kashipur Bazar Booth M.S Treding Enterprise, Kashipur Bazar, P.O: Kashipur, Upazilla: Sadar, Dist: Barisal. 1731047943 Agency
Barisal Barisal Mehendi Gonj Thana Agency Khan Traders, School Road, Patar Hat Bandar, Mehendigonj Thana Barisal 1915391856 Agency
Barisal Barisal Ulania Bandar Agency Mehendigonj Hasan Medical Center, Ulania Bazar, Mehendigonj, Barisal 1713961896 Agency
Barisal Barisal Bakergonj Thana Agency Madrasa Road, Upazilla: Bakergonj, Dist: Barisal 1915203923 Agency
Barisal Barisal Babugonj Agency Venus Network, Khanpura Sadar, Babugonj, Barisal 1723316146 Agency
Barisal Barisal Gouronadi Thana Agency M/S Nabila Enterprise, Gouronadi Bus Stand, Barisal 1713957271 Agency
01818633315 04322-56226
Barisal Barisal Torki Bandar Agency Ma Telecom Service, Road Sundordi, P.O: Torkibandar, Gouronadi, Barisal 01924236162 01711219319 Agency
Barisal Barisal Batajor Bandar Agency Ispondon Electronics, Batajor Bandar, P.O: Batajor, Upazilla: Gouronadi, Barisal 1927368386 Agency
Barisal Barisal Hizla Vacant Agency
Barisal Barisal Agoiljhara Agency Dip Computer, Kalikhola Road, Agoiljhara, Barisal 1726589808 Agency
Barisal Barisal Muladi Vacant Agency
Barisal Barisal Banoripara Vacant Agency
Barisal Barisal Kotwali Vacant Agency
Barisal Barisal Uzirpur Vacant Agency
Barisal Barguna Barguna Dist. Agency Stall # 03, In front of Sadarghat Masjid, Golam Sarwar Road, Barguna 1716740800 Agency
Barisal Barguna Betagi Agency Betagi Station Road, Borguna 1713358136 Agency
Barisal Barguna Tal Toli Thana Agency 2 Star Business Centre, Taltoli, Dist: Borguna 1713674128 Agency
Barisal Barguna Amtoli Upazila Agency M/S Firoz Traders, Sadar Road, Amtoli, Dist: Barguna 1712135464 Agency
Barisal Barguna Bamna Vacant Agency
Barisal Barguna Patharghata Upazila Zahid Cycle Store, Pathorghata, Barguna 1718455663 Agency
Barisal Jhalokathi Rajapur Agency (Jhalokhati) Mobarak Business Point, Baipass More, Razapur, Jhalokathi 01721434746 01811743339 01811743339 Agency
Barisal Jhalokathi Kathalia Thana Agency Jhalokathi Halima Computer, College Road, Kathalia, Jhalokathi 01712-529266, Agency
Barisal Jhalokathi Jhalokathi Dist. Agency M/S Monorom, 35, Puraton College Road, Jhalokathi 8400 1721480635 Agency
Barisal Jhalokathi Nolchiti Upazila Nalcity Bus Stand, Nalcity, Jhalokhati 1741135648 Agency
Barisal Patuakhali Galachipa Upazila Agency Sagor News Agency (Newspaper Agent) 366, Balika Biddaloy Sarak, Thana Road, Golachipa 04424-56314 Agency
Barisal Patuakhali Kuakata Agency Shapla News Agency & Media Corner, Alipur, Kuwakata, Upazilla: Kolapara Patuakhali. 1711120055 Agency
Barisal Patuakhali Kalapara Upazila Agency SCS, Upazilla Sarak, Sadar Road, Kolapara, Patuakhali 1715605647 Agency
Barisal Patuakhali Natun Bazar Booking Booth M/S Talukder Store, Notun Bazar, Sadar Road, Patuakhali 1917231805 Agency
Barisal Patuakhali Hetalia, Badhghat, Patuakhali, Booking Booth, Patuakhali M/S Masud Enterprise, Hetalia Badhghat, Kalikapur Union, Patuakhali, 1712047380 Agency
Barisal Patuakhali New Market Booking Booth Sundarban Food Traders, New Market, Patuakhali 1916768491 Agency
Barisal Patuakhali Dumki Thana Agency Sabbir Stationary & Suppliers, University Road, Dumki, Patuakhali. 1718555767 Agency
Barisal Patuakhali Bauphal Agency Mim Business Center, Daspara, VIP Road, Upazila Parisad Chottor Songlogno, Baufal, Patuakhali. 1.19E+20 Agency
Barisal Patuakhali Doshmina Thana Agency Vill: Dosmina, P.S: Dosmina, Dist: Patuakhali 442356172 Agency
Barisal Patuakhali Mirzagonj Upazila Agency Azad Media Center, Subidkhali, Mirzagonj, Patuakhali 1710941290 Agency
Barisal Patuakhali Rangabali Vacant Agency
Barisal Pirojpur Mothbaria Agency Pirojpur Media Syndicate, In front of Hatem Ali Girls School, Tuskhali Road, Mothbaria 01712145364, Agency
Barisal Pirojpur Inderhat Agency Prantik International Center, Inder Hat Bandar, Nesarabad, (Sarupkathi), Pirozpur 1717070541 Agency
Barisal Pirojpur Nesarabad Agency Pirozpur SCS, Near Centre Jama Mosque, Jogatpotti Bandar, Nesarabad, Pirozpur 01711162754 01718924601 01757807298 Agency
Barisal Pirojpur Bhandaria Upazila Agency Shafiq Computer Training Center, College Road, Bhandaria, Pirozpur. 1711381943 Agency
Barisal Pirojpur Pirojpur Dist Vacant Agency
Barisal Pirojpur Kaukhali Vacant Agency
Barisal Pirojpur Nazirpur Vacant Agency
Barisal Pirojpur Zianagar Vacant Agency
Barisal Vola Vola Dist. Agency Sheru Bazar Super Market, Puratan Bus Stand, Ukil Para, Vola 1915746520 Agency
Barisal Vola Doulatkhan Upazila Agency Sadar Road, Doulotkhan Bazar, Pourosova, Doulotkhan, Ward No. 3, Upazilla: Doulotkhan, Dist: Vola. 171368043 Agency
Barisal Vola Lalmohon Thana Agency Mukta Studio, Opposite of Post Office, Lalmohon 1949332142 Agency
Barisal Vola Chorfashion Upazila Agency Hazi Akbar Super Market, North Side of Janata Bank, Sadar Road, Chorfashion Bazar, Vola 49155147 Agency
Barisal Barisal Barisal Arif Mansion, Forester Bari Len, Barisal Parcel- Branch
Barisal Pirojpur Pirojpur Parer Hat Road, North Side of Old Bus Stand 1919567389 Branch
Barisal Jhalokathi Jhalokathi In front of Fire Service Office 01191838559 01721480635 Branch
Barisal Patuakhali Patuakhali In front of Notun Bazar Banizzo Bhaban, Sadar Road, Ground Floor of Nargis Bhaban 1195226994 Branch
Barisal Vola Borhanuddin Pourosova Agency M/S B M Enterprize, Holding- 248/2, Uttar Busstand, Bohanuddin Pourosova, Vola 1728681257 Agency

Sundarban Courier Service Khulna Division Branches

Sundarban Courier Service has branches in almost all districts of Bangladesh. Sundarban courier service available in all districts of Khulna. You can send or receive goods from Khulna very easily through Sundarban courier service. If you see the list below, you can see where you will get the product in Khulna or which branch you will send the product to. If someone sends you the product, you can get an idea of ​​which branch to collect it from or which branch address to give, by looking at all the branches of Sundarban Courier Service Khulna Division.


Divission District Office Name Address Contact Type
Khulna Bagerhat Chitol Mari Thana Agency Alif Varities Store, Upazilla More, Chitolmari, Bagherhat 01713907896 01917941366 01191554111 Agency
Khulna Bagerhat Sarankhola Thana Agency Bagerhat Vill+P.O: Rayenda, P.S: Sharankhola, Dist: Bagerhat 1712175790 Agency
Khulna Bagerhat Mongla Bandar Agency Bagherhat SCS, Pragoti Enterprise, Tajmohol Road, Mongla Port, Bagerhat, Mongla 01711354682 0465873405 Agency
Khulna Bagerhat Mollarhat Upazila Agency Bagerhat Chatra Bandhu Library & Prite Cosmetics, Mollarhat, Bagerhat 01729576832 01711210432 Agency
Khulna Bagerhat Morolgonj Agency Bagerhat Morolgonj, Bagerhat 01711112330 01739647533 Agency
Khulna Bagerhat Fakirhat Upazila Agency Bagherhat SCS, Fakirhat, Bagerhat 1924393166 Agency
Khulna Bagerhat Kochua Vacant Agency
Khulna Bagerhat Rampal Vacant Agency
Khulna Bagerhat Bagherhat Dist. Agency Vacant Agency
Khulna Chuadanga Jibon Nagar Thana Agency Teli Media, Jibonnagar, Doulotgonj, Upazilla: Jibonnagar, Dist: Chuadanga 01915053492 01718852893 Agency
Khulna Chuadanga Dumurhuda Agency
Khulna Chuadanga Alam Danga Thana Agency Sangita Electronics, Alif Uddin Road, Alamdanga, Chuadanga 07622566 01195217369 01191112222 Agency
Khulna Chuadanga Shorozgonj Bazar Agency Biswas Store, Kalupole Road, Sorozgonj Bazar, Chuadanga 01727799631 01823006273 Agency
Khulna Chuadanga Darshona Agency Chuadanga Harun-or-Rashid Market, Dorshana Rail Bazar, Dorshana, Chuadanga 01710035003 01711283624 01190775600 01191753055 Agency
Khulna Jessore Nowapara Agency Jessore Royal Supermarket, Nowapara, Ovoynagar, Jessore 01711899533 01918813855 01711260106 Agency
Khulna Jessore Baghar Para Thana Agency Jessore New Style Tailors, Bagharpara Chourasta, P.S+P.O: Bagharpara, Jessore 1918295023 Agency
Khulna Jessore Keshobpur Agency Jessore Alam Enterprise, Main Road, Keshobpur, Jessore 01711349177 01916777676 01914405611 01936003193 Agency
Khulna Jessore Monirampur Upazila Agency Phone & Fax Ghor, Dokhin Bus Stand, Monirampur, Jessore 01711822782 01711210217 01912248349 Agency
Khulna Jessore Chougacha Thana Agency Suzon Mobile Centre, Dewan Market, Chowgacha Main Bus Stand, Chowgacha, Jessore. 1712311328 Agency
Khulna Jessore Benapole Vacant Agency
Khulna Jessore Jhikorgacha Upazila Agency Jessore Boro Jam-a Masjid Road, Jhikorgacha, Dist: Jessore 1711211614 Agency
Khulna Jessore Biman Bandar Booth Ananda Snacks & Confectionary, Biman Bandar Market, Jessore 1711309797 Agency
Khulna Jessore Khoyertola Agency Jessore M/S Khalek Enterprise, Cantonment Super Market, Khoyertola, Jessore 01721391175 01922714405 Agency
Khulna Jessore Kotowali Vacant Agency
Khulna Jessore Sharsha Vacant Agency
Khulna Jhinaidah Kaligonj Agency Jhenaidah SCS, Main Bus Stand, Bazar Road, Mudassher Market, (1st Floor), Kaligonj, Jhenaidah 01914553202, 01924325232 04253-56439 Agency
Khulna Jhinaidah Kaligonj Thana Agency Jhenaidah Prince Enterprise, Main Bus Stand, Kaligonj, Jhaenaidah 01712001145 01914553202 01857066666 0452356439 Agency
Khulna Jhinaidah Jhenaidah Court Chandpur Agency Kopotakkho Super Market, Under Sonali Bank, Court Chandpur, Jhenaidah 01720997985 01919997985 01920196897 01835118676 Agency
Khulna Jhinaidah Soilokupa Upazila Agency Jhenaidah N.R Library, Soilokupa, Jhenaidah 01552100948 01712881196 Agency
Khulna Jhinaidah Horinakundu Vacant Agency
Khulna Jhinaidah Moheshpur Vacant Agency
Khulna Khulna Khalishpur B. Booth Lucky Pharmacy, 131, BIDC Road, Khalishpur, Khulna 01711363649 041762444 Agency
Khulna Khulna Shipyard Road Booth Pritam Enterprise, Shipyard Road, Khulna 01713915261 01913779428 Agency
Khulna Khulna Sir Iqbal Road Agency Khulna Sir Iqbal Road, Khulna 01711838202 041721559 Agency
Khulna Khulna Batiaghata Zero Point Botiaghata, Khulna University, Khulna 1980452717 Agency
Khulna Khulna Dakope Vacant Agency
Khulna Khulna Dighalia Vacant Agency
Khulna Khulna Kotwali Vacant Agency
Khulna Khulna Kayra Vacant Agency
Khulna Khulna Daulatpur Vacant Agency
Khulna Khulna Sonadanga Vacant Agency
Khulna Khulna Tarakhada Vacant Agency
Khulna Khulna Siromoni Bazar Agency Alhaz Mukter Photostate , Shiromoni Bazar, Shiromoni, Khan Zahan Ali, Khulna. 01716511207 041786115 Agency
Khulna Khulna Paikgacha Upazila Agency Khulna Mim Computers, Madina Hotel, (Ground Floor), Room No. 03, Paikgacha, Khulna 01711261535 01915830041 Agency
Khulna Khulna Kapil Moni Bazar Agency Khulna Modern Backery, Kapilmoni, Paikgacha, Khulna 01711261535 01915830041 01714807411 Agency
Khulna Khulna East Rupsha Vacant Agency
Khulna Khulna Fultala Bazar Agency Khulna M/S Faisal Enterprise, Fultala Bazar, Khulna (Jessore Khulna Road) 01198377327 01711131292 041701646 Agency
Khulna Khulna Chuknagar Bazar Agency Alamgir Enterprise, Chuknagar Bazar, Dumuria, Khulna 1711349177 Agency
Khulna Khulna Dumuria Thana Agency Sunrise Studio, Jakaria Super Market (Biggest Market of Dumuria), Shahid Siraj Sarak, Dumuria Bazar 01716144188 01190744379 Agency
Khulna Khulna Islami University Gate Agency Islami University Main Gate, Kushtia Sadar 1951286048 Agency
Khulna Khulna Kushtia Dist. Vacant Agency
Khulna Khulna Kumar Khali Thana Agency Sundarban Courier Service, Station Bazar, Muktijoddha Chattar, Kumarkhali Railgate, Kushtia 01715380737 01820626751 Agency
Khulna Khulna Veramara Upozilla Agency Kushtia Sundarban Courier Service, High Way Road, Veramara Kushtia 01916107719 01724844669 01712848869 Agency
Khulna Khulna Daulatpur Vacant Agency
Khulna Khulna Khoksha Vacant Agency
Khulna Khulna Mirpur Upozilla Agency Kushtia Islamia Library, Fulbaria, Mirpur, Kushtia 01711166149 01716525606 Agency
Khulna Magura Magura Dist. Agency Sayed Ator Ali Road, Jamrul Tola, Magura 0611-62842, 01712932584 Agency
Khulna Magura Shalikha Thana Agency Polok Enterprise, Arpara Bazar, Salikha, Magura 01720094136 01713917091 Agency
Khulna Magura Sreepur Agency Sreepur College Canteen, Sreepur Sadar, Magura 01716026017 01926183829 01929361962 Agency
Khulna Meherpur Mohammadpur Vacant Agency
Khulna Meherpur Gangni Vacant Agency
Khulna Meherpur Mujib Nagar Vacant Agency
Khulna Meherpur Meherpur Dist. Agency Meherpur, Courtpara, Ward No. 9, Meherpur 01718553902 01191608011 Agency
Khulna Narail Narail Dist. Agency Sundarban Courier Service, In front of Dak Banglo, Ward No. 3, Narail 1711210110 Agency
Khulna Narail Lohagora Thana Agency Neha Electric, Thana Road, Lohagora, Narail 01712710357 01190918734 Agency
Khulna Narail Kalia Vacant Agency
Khulna Satkhira Kolaroa Upazila Agency Satkhira Bablu Songbadpatro, Upazila More (Under 3 Storied Building), Satkhira 01768971171 01191236113 01191236112 Agency
Khulna Satkhira Kaligonj Agency Satkhira Sundarban Courier & Apon Telecom Kaligonj Fultola More Market, Kaligonj, Satkhira 01197106442 01716869436 Agency
Khulna Satkhira Ashashuni Thana Branch Satkhira SCS, Janata Bank More, Upazila Sarak, Ashasuni, Satkhira 01915702460 01913343769 0472256033 Agency
Khulna Satkhira Shyamnagor Upazila Agency SCS, Nokipur Bazar, Shyamnagar, Satkhira 01820518110 01848097351 01718656960 0472674055 Agency
Khulna Satkhira Tala Upazila Agency Rafiq Photostate , Tala Bazar, Tala, Satkhira 01915738671 01828236204 Agency
Khulna Satkhira Debhata Thana Agency Parulia Bus Stand, Debhata, Satkhira 1733669397 Agency
Khulna Satkhira Bhomra Agency Sathkhira M/S Jono Kollayan Pharmecy, Sultanpur, P.S: Vomra, Dist: Satkhira 01713900714 047181059 Agency
Khulna Satkhira Patkel Ghata Agency Satkhira Kopotakkho Sangbad Potro Biponi, High School Road, Patkelghata, Satkhira. 1711211971 Agency
Khulna Khulna Khulna Divisional Office 93, Khan-e-Sobur Road, Hadis Park, Khulna Parcel- Branch
Khulna Jessore Jessore R.N Road, In front of Debur Mistir Dokan 1199567384 Branch
Khulna Sathkira Sathkira Beside A.B Bank 01936003047 01711806337 Branch
Khulna Bagerhat Bagerhat In front of Bagerhat Stadium, Bagerhat 1711471453 Branch
Khulna Chuadanga Chuadanga In front of Chuadanga Thana, Rozob Ali Super Market 1715269192 Branch
Khulna Jessore Benapole In front of Customs Office 1713400365 Branch
Khulna Kushtia Kushtia Pach Raster More, Shapla Chattor, Kushtia 1674045050 Branch
Khulna Khulna Biman Office 27, Khan-e-Sobur Road, Khulna 041813700 01936003077 Branch
Khulna Khulna Daulatpur Parsha Bhaban, Khan-e-Sobur Road, Daulatpur Bus Stand, Khulna 0412850241 01197229868 Branch
Khulna Khulna Fulbari Gate KUET Road, Fulbari Gate, Khulna 1936003107 Branch
Khulna Khulna Shib Bari KDA, Ex Building, KDA Avenue, Shibbari More, Khulna 41725809 Branch
Khulna Khulna Nirala 270, Sher-e Bangla Road, Hazi Complex, Nirala More, Khulna 01917674082 01915811909 Branch
Khulna Khulna Doulotpur DLP Branch Doulotpur
Khulna Jessore Bagachra Bazar Bagachra Bazar , Thana Sharsha , Dist- Jessore 1719915420 Agency
Khulna Meherpur Gangni Upazila Amader Studio , Hat Boalia Road , Holding #00512 , gangni bazar .

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