Snapdragon vs MediaTek Processor Which is Better In 2022 ?

In this post, you will learn all about processors and you will get the knowledge about snapdragon and MediaTek processors. We will find out who is good in which segment. snapdragon vs MediaTek. you also find which one is best for you. You will know which one you have to buy and many of us wanted to know which phone’s processor is good so here it. You will know everything about processors, snapdragon chipset, and MediaTek chipset. Which one is impactful in the market, and which one will be good in the future? So here is my post describing all the thing

What Is Processor

In today’s modern technology-based world everyone uses smart devices. Every one-use mobile phone and every mobile phone needed a processor to run it. Every smart device needs a processor to run that device. Without a processor that device is useless. Every price range processor-based mobile phone is there in the market. But manufacturers didn’t want to call a processor, but they recommend a soc which means the system on chips. processors are a very important part of mobile phones. Processors are the main ones to decide how the phone will work and how the phones are long-lasting.

Snapdragon Processor

Snapdragon processor is one of the famous processors in the market now. Qualcomm is the producer of this snapdragon processor. Qualcomm is an American-based international semiconductor company. They found it in 1985. Right now, the most powerful processor in the snapdragon series is the snapdragon 820. This is the most powerful processor in the Snapdragon series.

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MediaTek Processor

MediaTek processor is one of the biggest competitors to snapdragon. MediaTek is the producer of the Helio chipset. MediaTek called their chipset Helio chipset. MediaTek was founded in 1997. MediaTek is a Taiwan-based international semiconductor company. They have recently grown so much and become the competitor of Qualcomm snapdragon. The latest powerful processor MediaTek is Helio X10, P10, and X20.

Qualcomm snapdragon vs MediaTek Helio difference


• MediaTek mid-range chipsets are good for gaming and another task
• MediaTek is cheaper than snapdragon
• MediaTek is very much a battery consumer
• MediaTek heat too much when it comes to high processing of work
• MediaTek didn’t produce a GPU chipset
• Process power of MediaTek is very good


• Snapdragon high range chipset is good for gaming and other tasks, but midrange chipset is average
• Snapdragon price higher than MediaTek
• Snapdragon is had better battery optimizer
• Snapdragon heat slightly
• Snapdragon produces its own GPU chipset. their chipset name is Adreno.
• Process power of snapdragon is very good as MediaTek

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Processor core

Snapdragon and MediaTek both are uses multiple cores in their respected chipset processor. They both use (1-2-4-6-8-10) cores in their processor. Cores are mainly used for multitasking on phones. If anyone wants to use more apps at the same time, then cores are the main thing for doing this work. So, basically, these cores are important aspects of processor selection. But both processor doing their best in this sector.

Battery power

In this segment, snapdragon is ahead of MediaTek. Because Qualcomm snapdragon is more efficient, snapdragon consumes less power than using. But MediaTek is developing their new model of the processor for battery life. Their high-range chipset works like a snapdragon processor. in the heat, sector snapdragon is also ahead because of less consumption from the battery. Battery works key sector as a heating problem. When more battery consumes then your phone’s heating increases. So that’s why MediaTek is average in this position because of their heating.


MediaTek and snapdragon have both very good CPUs. They’re both CPU same. There is no difference between MediaTek and snapdragon. But in the GPU case snapdragon are slightly better because snapdragon produces their own GPU system. They called it ADRENO GPU. So, in the graphics sector snapdragon are slightly better. But MediaTek also uses good GPU, so they have just a little difference in the graphics segment.

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MediaTek is ahead of this segment. They always use mostly 12 cores in their chipset. Therefore, multitasking is very easy in MediaTek, and also their performance is also good in heavy use and gaming. Snapdragons are also good, but they use mostly 8 cores so multitasking might be slower than MediaTek, but their performance is very good in heavy use and gaming.

Price range

MediaTek is budget friendly chipset in the market. MediaTek is cheap. But snapdragon price is always high. So, they have a slight difference in this segment


Both chipsets are good in their perspective segment. But there always have pros and cons to the chipset. You must sacrifice one of the segments. But they both doing well in this field so you can buy any of these chipsets. They both are the best product in the market, and they are the best.

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