How To Take Care Of Baby In Summer

Due to the extreme heat and heat of summer, all classes of people face various problems. Besides, small children are not exempt from this condition. Young children become uncomfortable in extreme heat, have irritable mood, become restless, stop eating, cry, and develop various types of itching, allergies, and itching. Sweating in extreme heat causes various germs in the body and as a result small children get very sick. Excessive sweating causes salt water to leak out of the baby’s body, which can lead to dehydration. Excessive sweating can lead to cold or pneumonia. At this time children need special care. Through this article you will know what kind of care children need to take care of in summer.

Baby Care In The Summer

The problems that children may have this summer are

  • Skin rashes / itching may appear
  • May cause diarrhea or upset stomach.
  • May cause fever
  • May cause cold or pneumonia
  • May cause vomiting

Baby care in summer

Keep the baby’s body cool

It is important to take care that the baby’s body does not get hot this summer. Occasionally the baby’s body should be wiped with a damp cloth.

The house should be kept cool

Make sure that the room where the child is staying is cool. If an air cooler is used in the house, it should be kept at 25 degrees. If the house is in extreme sun, water should be sprinkled from time to time to keep it cool, windows and doors should be kept attached, floor of the house should be wiped frequently.

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Wearing cotton / comfortable clothes

In summer, baby clothes should be made of cotton and comfortable. Remember that children are hotter and more annoyed than adults. So their dress should be loose, short and cotton. The baby should change clothes several times a day and wear clean clothes.

Care should be taken to prevent dehydration of the baby

In hot weather, children sweat a lot and this can lead to dehydration. Therefore, care should be taken so that the child does not become dehydrated. The baby should be given safe water from time to time and also liquid food in case of feeding. Babies who are breastfed need to be breastfed regularly. Children who eat extra food should keep more liquid foods on their extra food list. Children under 1 year of age should be given an average of 228 grams to 340 grams of water daily, children above 1 year of age should be given an average of 650 grams or more of water daily.

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Clean the baby’s skin frequently

In extreme heat, children sweat frequently and dirt accumulates in the folds of the baby’s body. As a result, there may be germs, there may be various complex diseases. So you have to clean the baby’s skin frequently and apply powder on the folds of the body. The baby should be bathed regularly for cleanliness.

Cleansing baby’s skin

Notice the color of the baby’s urine and urine

Excessive heat can cause dehydration in the baby’s body. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to whether the child is urinating regularly and the color of the urine. Remember, children should urinate once or more in 6 hours. If children do not urinate once in 8 hours, then it is necessary to take immediate action. Water, saline, sherbet should be taken frequently and if necessary, the help of a doctor should be taken.

Keep the baby safe from mosquito bites

Mosquito infestations are more common on hot days and mosquitoes attack younger children more than adults. So to protect children from various mosquito-borne diseases, they need to be kept safe from mosquito bites. Children should be given mosquito nets while sleeping and the house should be kept clean and tidy.

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Keep baby’s hair short and clean

Keeping the baby’s hair short on hot days makes the baby feel a little less hot. So at the beginning of summer, children’s hair should be shortened and cleaned with regular hair shampoo.

Arrange for children to play in the house or in a cool place

Even if it is very hot, children cannot be prevented from playing. So they have to arrange to play indoors or in a cool place. There should be adequate light and air flow in the house, care should be taken that the house is not damp.

Baby care

Avoid children’s long distance travel

Long-distance travel with children should be avoided unless it is very urgent on a hot day. Because long-distance travel causes children to feel extremely hot and dehydrated, this can lead to pneumonia, diarrhea, and fever.

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