How To Recover Gmail Password । What If I Forgot My Gmail Password?

Gmail Password Recovery How to recover Gmail password? Gmail Password Recovery System What do I do if I forget my Gmail password? How to reset Gmail password. How To Recover Gmail Password Using Mobile Number How to Recover Gmail Passwords Using Email What to do if you forget your Gmail ID password? How to recover Gmail ID password.

Forgot your Gmail password? This happens to many of us so there is nothing to worry about. The Gmail ID password may be incorrect if you open a new Gmail or if you have a lot of Gmail. The process of recovering or resetting the Gmail ID password is much easier. Read the full article to know how to recover lost Gmail account password.

What if I forgot my Gmail password?

There is nothing to be afraid of if the account password suddenly shows wrong and gives a warning message while logging in to Gmail account. You are seeing this message because you are giving your Gmail password incorrectly. Maybe you are using an old password or the password you are giving does not match with your password. That means you lost or forgot your password. Many do not even remember the Gmail ID password. This is because we login to Gmail and it is saved in Google.

Google puts automatic passwords everywhere so we rarely use those passwords. We often don’t remember passwords because of low usage. But remembering the Gmail password is very important. Or if you lose it, that is why it is very important to recover the password. If you do not recover the password, you will no longer be able to login anywhere using that new Gmail. Once you log out or sign out of all the places where you used to login using Gmail, you will not be able to login again. This is actually a much bigger problem. However, the solution is very simple.

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If you forget your Gmail password, you need to recover it as soon as possible. For Gmail account recovery you will need recovery email, or mobile number, there is one more method which is well described below.

How to recover / change / reset Gmail password using mobile number

You can easily recover your Gmail account password by using the mobile number that is linked to your Gmail account.

  • First, enter the Gmail login page
  • Click Forgot Password
  • Click on the Try Another Way option
  • The Account Recovery page can be seen.
  • Then you will get an option called Get a Verification Code. Two buttons can be found below. You can find out the verification code by text or call.
  • If the text option is selected then a verification code will come to your phone via message.
  • If the call is selected then a call will come to your mobile and you will be given the verification code.
  • Enter the verification code in the “enter the code” box in the recovery page. Click on the Next button
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You will then have the option to set a new password. You can reset your password by sitting on a password that has not been used before.

How to Reset Gmail Password Using Recovery Email

If you have a recovery email in your Gmail, you can easily recover the password.
How to Reset Email Password Using Recovery Email

  • Login to the Gmail account login page
  • Click on Forgot Password option
  • Enter your Gmail account
  • Then the Account Recovery page will appear. Get a Varification Code option is available from the Account Recovery page.
  • Clicking the send button will send a verification code to your email.
  • Enter the verification code received from the email in the enter the verification code box on this page.
  • Password reset page will be available. Easily reset your password using an unused password.
  • When resetting a password, you must first enter a new password in the Create Password box. You will then need to re-enter that password in the Confirm Password box. After clicking on the Save Password button, the password will be saved.

Many open new emails and no recovery emails or mobile numbers are linked to that account. As a result, you will not be able to recover the password using the above steps. You can use the following method.

  1. How to reset Gmail password without email or mobile number
  2. First enter the login page
  3. Enter your Gmail ID and click the Next button.
  4. Click on Forget Password
  5. Click on Try Another Way option
  6. Now the following option can be found. I dont have any phone click on this link.
  7. Now you will be asked to use any one email id. Use any one of your email ids. You will notice that you can login to the email id that you will use. Later all the information related to account reset will be given in that email id.
  8. Clicking on the Next button will bring up a text “We need some time to review your request”.
    Google will notify you of the password reset in the email account you provided after verifying your request. Once the verification code is given, you have to enter the verification code in the inter code box and click on the Next button.
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Using the steps above, you can recover the password of your forgotten Gmail ID. Gmail ID password recovery will be easier if the recovery email or mobile number is linked to your mail account. This issue is somewhat complicated when there is no recovery email or mobile number linked to your Gmail account. Even then, you can recover Gmail password using the last step.

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