How To Purchase Train Tickets Online In Bangladesh

Railway authorities have come up with new rules for online train ticketing. Train tickets can be purchased online through the website. Users need to open a new account to buy train tickets online. In order to reduce the suffering of the passengers, the railway authorities introduced new rules. Passenger safety is increasing with this new ticketing system and passengers can easily buy railway tickets.

It is very difficult for many people to buy a train ticket. It is difficult for many to stand in the time line or go to the station and buy a ticket. Many times passengers do not get tickets standing in line. Bangladesh Railway Authority has come up with a solution to these problems. Train tickets will be available online under India’s new ticketing rules. Railway authorities have entered into a 5 year agreement with to operate the Bangladesh Railway ticketing system. Passengers will be able to buy train tickets online on the new system’s easy train ticket platform.

Train tickets used to be available online. However, passengers had to buy tickets for this train through an app. Many people buy train tickets online using the Rail Sheba app. But this time Bangladesh Railway authorities are giving the opportunity to buy train tickets from their website. To know more about Online Train Ticketing Rules 2022, the reader can learn how to buy train tickets online by reading the Train Ticketing Rules section below.

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Passengers can now buy tickets online from the website without any hassle. Tickets are not available from the station at any time and it is not possible for everyone to stand in line for a long time. Therefore, the rule of online ticketing is expected to reduce the suffering of passengers.

Online Train Ticket Purchase Time

Under the new rules, there is no set time to buy train tickets online. Train tickets can be purchased online 24 hours a day. In this way passengers do not have to wait for time. Earlier, ticketing time was fixed through Rail Sheba app and tickets could not be booked before 9 am. But now with this new rule you can buy a train ticket at any time without any hassle.

New System Purchase Train Tickets Online

Step 1: Register the account

  • In this new process of online train ticketing, passengers need to access the website and click on the Registrar option.


  • Passengers need to sign up by filling out the register format information correctly
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If all the information of the passenger is correct, the phone number given in the register form will get a six digit verification code shortly. Enter the verification code correctly and click on the verify button. Through this the passenger can register his account.
For the first time use only, the passenger has to register the accounts. Later, he / she can login and access his / her account and buy train tickets online.

Step 2: Updating profile

The next step is to update the user profile. In order to update the passenger profile, name, post code, date of birth, identification number i.e. National ID number has to be provided. In this case birth registration number can be used.
Clicking the Update Profile button will update the profile.

Step 3: Online Purchase System

  • Once the profile is updated, you can log in to your account from any browser and buy tickets from there.
  • To purchase tickets, log on to and login with your account information.
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  • Route must be selected, and other information must be entered, including the date.
  • Click on the Find button.


  • One or more train names will come up for you and ticket prices will be available there. You can get all the information of that train by clicking on the Details button.


  • Clicking on the Purchase button from the Details option will show all the information of any passenger and the ticket price on the next page.


  • After that, if you click on Buy ticket button, you can make payment by selecting the payment method.
  • s11Once the payment is complete, the email number you provided will be sent.
  • s13Tickets must be printed out.

You can easily buy train tickets online by using the above methods. For those who are busy with various tasks and cannot go to the train station to buy a ticket or take the opportunity, this rule is very convenient to buy train tickets online.

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