How To Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Many have heard of SEO. SEO or search engine optimization basically optimizes your blog page, that is, helps to rank in Google-search. If Google ranks your page, then of course the amount of traffic on that page is more. Infographics and blog related pages need to be ACO. SEO is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. There are different types of SEO that include on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO.

On Page SEO

This type of SEO basically focuses on all the topics on a page. The blog page can be ranked by writing a blog about what kind of questions the customer has asked, i.e. by doing keyword research. Simply put, you need to create a blog page according to the needs of the customer. By doing keyword research, you need to get an idea of ​​the topics that are searched the most, and the topics that are searched more or the competition is less, if you create a blog, it is more likely to rank the blog page. So you must do keyword research in a good way.

Onpage SEO can be done by optimizing the title, tags, internal links, URLs and content used in the blog. The main difference between offpage SEO and onpage SEO is that onpage SEO optimizes the search performance of the website.
Many people think that OnPage does not work properly in 2022. But this is a completely misconception onpage SEO works just like before 2022. Google says in its headline “How Search Works” that Google has become smarter than ever before and that Google crawlers still optimize your page based on keywords.
Most of the pages or posts that have keyword optimization are on the first page.

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How to optimize content through SEO

One of the most important part of keyword optimization is that your keywords need to be within 100 or 150 words. The first 100 or 150 words of your content or article should be sorted by your main keyword.

To put it simply, the topic on which you wrote the content or article must be mentioned at the beginning of your article. Suppose you wrote an article about a car. In that case, if the article written about the car mentions the car at the end of the article or at the bottom of the middle, then surely your audience or Google will not understand what your article is about. But if you use the word car a few times in the first part of the first paragraph or in the first hundred to one hundred and fifty words, then Google will easily understand that your article is written about cars. So whenever a person searches for something related to cars on Google, your article has the potential to rank based on that search.

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UR works just like you would write an email before sending an email to someone. Important keywords in the article you are writing about must be mentioned at the beginning of the article. This will help your onpage SEO to optimize and rank your content or article.

So if you want to rank an article in Google, you must focus on the keywords. If two articles are written on the same subject and if five words are used in the first and ten keywords are used in the next, then the article which has ten keywords in the article will be more likely to come first in Google search. The reason for this is that the more keywords are used in the article, the more Google believes in that article.

Shorten the URL

Content URL must be kept short. If you can also put words in the URL, your chances of ranking will be higher.
Suppose you wrote an article on “Which are the best wireless mice of 2022”. Now when using the URL you must mention the word “mouse” in the URL.

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External Link

Your post can be further optimized by adding external links. People who have external links in their posts and those who do not have external links in their posts, those who have external links in their posts, that is, one post is added to another post, are more likely to be ranked in Google.
You can use an external link to the word on your page that is related to another blog post. By clicking on the external link the user will enter the post provided in the link and this will further increase your pageview. Moreover your website will be more optimized because Google thinks it creates a hub that helps the user to provide more information. So if you want to add your post to Google, use external link.

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