How To Create A New IMO Account

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IMO is currently a well-known mobile app. The main reason for the popularity of video calling facility. This article is for those who do not know about IMO app yet and do not know how to install IMO app. After reading this article, you will know how to open IMO account and how to download IMO app.

What is an IMO account?

There are very few people who do not know about IMO or Emu. Although it is pronounced as IMO, people in rural areas call it emu. Many people who are familiar with video calling know what an IMO account is. Although there are many video calling apps now, the reason for the popularity of IMO is the low buffering and HD video calling facility. It is very easy to connect to IMO from home or abroad. So IMO is a mobile app of choice for those who have relatives or family members living abroad. An account is required to use the IMO mobile app. And this is the IMO account. IMO account can be opened using mobile number.

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IMO Account Benefits

IMO or Emu account has many benefits. The idea that you can only talk on video calls using the IMO app is wrong. There are several benefits to using IMO in addition to talking on video calls.

IMO App Features:

  • Audio-video calls
  • Text messages can be sent
  • Group chat can be created
  • Story can be given

IMO can be used to send calls or texts for free

How To Download IMO App

  • To download IMO or Emu app you need to log in to Play Store or App Store.
  • If you search by typing imo, you will see the IMO application first.
  • IMO app can be downloaded by pressing the green Install button. Check if your phone has enough space to install the app)
  • The app will be downloaded shortly. After that it will take some more time to install the app.
  • The green Open button indicates that the app has been installed on your mobile.

Click on the link below to download the IMO app directly

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How To Create a Imo Account

Once the IMO download is complete, the account can be opened using the mobile number. To open an IMO account you will need a mobile number, an internet connection, and an IMO app.

How to open an IMO account

  • Open the IMO app installed on your mobile.
  • Then first a page called Enter Your Phone will be available. In the lower part, first select the name of your country. Once selected, your country code will appear on the left. Now you have to give the phone number.
  • Phone Number Write: Click on the part and give the next 10 numbers by subtracting 0. Now you have to click on the tick mark option on the right side.
  • A code will be sent to the mobile number provided. This code must be entered in the box on the Enter Code page. The code can be found in your message. There is a certain time to give the code to make sure that the time does not pass in any way.
  • As time goes on, that code will no longer work. In that case you have to click on Resend button. Then the code will come again.
  • After entering the code correctly, you will have to enter your name in the next way. Write your name correctly in English. After entering the name, click on the Done button.
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This way you can open your IMO account. Now you can call your friends or relatives and text them again from IMO account. You can use all the features of IMO. If you encounter any problem in downloading IMO app or opening IMO account, let us know in the comments. The team will try to resolve your issue quickly.

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