How To Create A Free Website With

Anyone can create a free website using All the features of Blogger are a bit simpler than the other mediums so that the user can easily edit everything including his website design. Another reason to create a website using may be that allows its users to add Google AdSense for free where other media outlets have to buy their domain hosting with their premium plan ball or money. does not mean that you can create a professional website for free. If you want to have a professional blogging experience, may be the easy solution for you. If you want to spend a little money on a website bill and buy domain hosting and bill your website then you can do it through any other means.

The advantage of creating a free website with

  • A free subdomain is available for creating web sites using
  • can be controlled without coding
  • How to make a website for free using a custom domain on Blogger.
  • You can easily make your blog post more interesting by using themes and templates.
  • Monetization for AdSense can be done by creating Blogger’s website for free.
  • Professional way you can design a website and start the journey in case you need to purchase a domain.
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Creating free websites with

  • Creating a website requires a Gmail account as well as a smart device. You can also register an account at with a smart phone, but with a computer or laptop, things get easier.
  • First you have to enter the web browser, type and enter the website.
  • Then a page will be found. Click on the sign option in the upper right corner to get the sign-in option using Google Account.
  • After signing in you will find a page where you will be asked to write the name of your blog. You select the topic of your blog and write there.
  • Clicking on the next option will ask you to enter the URL of your blog. Select a URL and enter it.
  • Click on the next option and it will ask you to enter your display name. Use the display name you want to open your Blogger account with.
  • Clicking on the Finish button will allow you to see Blogger’s mold from where you can control your settings, themes, pages, etc.
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How to make a blog post for free using

  • After entering the Blogger Dashboard, you will see an option called New Post at the top left. Clicking on New Post will take you to a new page where you can write your blog. Here are some common tools you can use to write a blog. You can add some more tools if you wish.
  • Select a title for the blog you want to write about.
  • Then write your blog.
  • If you need to see the preview of the blog, then click on the preview post option at the top right side.
  • After completing the blog post, your blog post will be published by clicking on the public button at the top of the right side.
  • You can easily open a free Blogger account by following a few steps and post a blog for free.

How to monetize Google Adsense on a free blogger account

A free blogger account can be monetized by Google Adsense, but you will need 40 to 50 blog posts. First post 40/50 blogs and then create some pages you need. Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact Us, About Us All these pages will be created in a proper way and you will be ready for monetization on the website of

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To monetize, log in to and enter the Earnings menu from the left sidebar. You can apply for monetization of AdSense by clicking on the Connections option on the next page.

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