How To Check Internet Speed On Android Phone

Internet speed is a very important issue for those who use Android phones. Many times important tasks cannot be done or get stuck due to the speed of the internet. In that case many people are interested in checking the speed of the internet. Knowing how much internet speed your phone has is an advantage for you to do any internet work. It is better to do important tasks when you have good speed than when you have low speed.

The speed of the internet is a very important issue for everyone nowadays. Depending on the speed of the internet, how long your internet work will take. Suppose you are downloading a movie, how long the movie will be downloaded depends on the speed of the internet. If the speed of the internet is high then a movie will be downloaded in a very short time. Check your internet speed meter to see if your internet connection is working properly. In case the internet connection is not stable for a long time, you can know when your internet connection is stable.

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Especially for those who use mobile data, it is very important to see the internet speed. When using data on mobile, most of the time the internet is not stable, in which case any important work must be done while it is not stable. If it is a method of checking internet speed, you can easily check the speed of the internet and find out when the internet speed is high. You can do that important work when the speed of the internet is high.

Many times WiFi users do not get this service for the amount they pay. You must understand this when you are paying for a service. Internet speed cannot be measured or weighed, nor can it be shown again, so you need to check the internet speed. When you have a WiFi connection, you must be able to measure your internet speed using an internet speed meter or internet speed checker.


Default setting

Internet speed can be measured in a number of ways. Most of the phones currently on the market have internet speed meters by default. By default speed meter is not turned on. You can easily turn on the default internet speed meter by following the steps below. The internet speed meter will show you the download speed and upload speed of your internet.

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How to turn on the default internet speed meter on Android phone

  • Enter the settings option of your Android phone
  • Enter the “Notification panel and status bar” option.
  • Enable the option called “Display Network Speed”.

Automatic will then show the internet speed on the status bar of your android phone. However, the internet speed will not show when your data connection is off or WiFi is off. If in any case this internet speed status does not show home even after following all the procedures, then restart your phone once. After restarting the internet bar must show internet speed.

Using the application

There are currently many Internet Speed ​​Meter applications in the Google Play Store that you can use. Internet speed meters are so light that they do not have any external effect on your phone. These Internet Speed ​​Meter applications work just like the Internet Speed ​​Meter by default.
Many people are afraid that if you use these applications, your phone may become heavy or you may use a lot of RAM in these applications. But this idea is completely wrong. Internet speed meter applications are light. These lightweight applications use a very small amount of RAM which does not interfere with any application on your phone.

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Using Internet Speed ​​Checker Websites

There are currently some reputable websites that show internet speed. You do not have to enter these websites to provide any information but just click the Go or Let’s Start buttons to see the internet speed meter and your internet speed meter will show in a very short time.

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