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What are allergies? Although allergy is a very common term, the exact concept of allergy is not yet known. Allergies cause various skin diseases including shortness of breath and eczema. The human body has an immune system. If there is a disturbance in this immune system for any reason, allergies appear. Which sometimes creates very uncomfortable situations. There are many people in our country who suffer from allergies. Each person has a different type of allergy. Some people have allergies to dust, some people have allergies to food, some people have allergies to different chemical cosmetics, some people have allergies to different clothes and some people have allergies to the use of gold ornaments.

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Allergy Can Cause Uncomfortable Situations


To avoid this uncomfortable allergy, everyone should avoid allergies. At present there is a test called “Skin Prick Test” which is done with different allergens on the skin, in this test a list is made by diagnosing the allergies of the patient. As a result, the patient will be much relieved if he avoids those items on the list to get rid of allergies.

Home Remedies for Allergies

Cucumber Carrot Juice

As soon as the wheel spots of allergy appear on the body, the same amount of cucumber and carrot juice mixed together will cause itching and wheel spots.

Green tea

Green tea works to reduce weight as well as reduce allergies. So if someone suddenly has an allergy problem, you can drink a cup of green tea immediately, it will reduce the allergy a lot.

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Olive oil and honey

Olive oil and honey are mixed together to form a mixture and when applied to the allergy site, the instability of the allergen is quickly reduced and the stain is removed.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is as effective in human makeup as it is in controlling allergies. Aloe vera is cut into small pieces and its jelly is taken out and applied in the place of allergy. Allergy is reduced very quickly.


Antioxidant, Vitamin-C helps reduce allergies. In that case, if someone suddenly has allergies, you can eat oranges, it will reduce the pain of uncomfortable allergies in a short time.

Coconut oil

If there is an allergy in the body, the allergy is reduced by applying coconut oil instead of the allergy. Bathing can be done by mixing coconut oil in the bath water to reduce the allergies of the whole body quickly.

Petroleum jelly

Allergies can be controlled quickly by applying petroleum jelly in place of allergies. The advantage in this case is that there are no side effects in petroleum jelly.

allergy bd seven 24
Allergies can be controlled quickly by applying petroleum jelly in place of allergies

Cold water

If you have a sudden allergy problem, you can boil it with cold water or take a bath with cold water. This will reduce the problem of allergy a lot.

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Baking soda

Even using baking soda can quickly get rid of allergies. In that case make a mixture by mixing one-third of a teaspoon of baking soda in 1 cup of water and apply it on the place of allergy or mix half a cup of baking soda in a bucket of water and take a bath with that water and keep it wet for 30 minutes. After that you have to finish the bath well with clean water.

Neem leaves and bran

This home remedy is very effective in eliminating allergies or itching forever. We can get rid of allergies forever by adopting this method with a little effort. 1 kg neem leaves should be dried well in the sun. Dried neem leaves should be powdered well and jarred. 1 teaspoon of neem leaf powder and 1 teaspoon of isabgul bran should be soaked in 1 glass of water for half an hour. After half an hour, mix the mixture well and eat it on an empty stomach in the morning, on a full stomach at noon and at night for 21 consecutive days before going to bed.

Treatment of allergies

  • Allergies can be controlled in many cases by identifying specific causes of allergies and avoiding them through a “skin prick test”. In addition, according to the symptoms of allergies, there are different types of medicines available in the market which can control allergies.
  • Applying Pavison ointment to the allergy site will reduce the allergy within 5 minutes.
  • In case of allergies all over the body, you can take Square Company’s Elatrol for rapid reduction. Elatrol should be taken once in 24 hours.
  • You can take Oradin to get quick relief from allergies and the difference between forest is that Elatrol Bumba gives drowsiness but Oradin does not give drowsiness. It should also be taken once in 24 hours.
  • You can take 1 or 2 fluconazole 5 mg in 24 hours. If the amount of allergy is very high, fluconazole 150 mg can be taken. A very effective medicine for allergies.
  • Vitamin-C plays a very strong role in preventing and curing allergies. Taking 1000 to 2000 mg of Vitamin-C 3 times a day reduces allergies in the body. In that case we can also eat foods rich in vitamin C such as: – Green pepper, cabbage, potato, lemon, orange, lemon, batabi lemon, tomato, grape, guava and kamaranga.
  • Regular intake of Vitamin A and Zinc helps in controlling allergies in the body.
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Notable issues

If you want to stay away from allergies without taking medicine, you need to clean your house regularly, clean your bed every day, keep your house clean and tidy to avoid mosquito and insect bites, wash your clothes regularly with clean water, avoid allergic foods. .

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