Grameenphone E-Sim Price, Advantage And Disadvantage

Grameenphone is bringing the country’s first e-SIM. Grameenphone will launch their e-SIM in a few days. Grameenphone users will get the benefit of using e-SIM. Now the question is what does e-SIM look like? What are the benefits of Grameenphone e-SIM? What is the price of Grameenphone e-SIM? Today’s article answers all these questions for the convenience of users. Those who do not know or are interested in e-SIM will get a clear idea about e-SIM by reading this article in its entirety. Since Grameenphone’s e-SIM will be available in a few days, you can use e-SIM if you wish. But first of all you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of e-SIM.

What Is e-SIM?

SIM card is one of the most familiar card type chips that can be inserted into the phone and connected to the network. At present almost everyone has an idea about SIM card. In the beginning the size of the SIM card was much larger. Later micro and now nano SIM cards are in vogue. Nano or micro SIM cards can now be inserted in most mobile phones. But e-SIM is a SIM that will be in your mobile but you will not understand its existence. This means that this SIM card cannot be seen or you cannot hold it in your hand.

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When purchasing an e-SIM, the operator from whom you will purchase will give you a QR code. By scanning that QR code, your phone will be connected to that operator. You do not need a physical SIM for this. Once the QR code is scanned and identified with the operator, your SMS database will collect the information and an electronic SIM or e-SIM will be installed on your phone. Usually when we buy a SIM we get the number of that SIM. The same will happen with e-SIM. If you buy an e-SIM, you will get a number for you. You will then be able to use the e-SIM in the same way as you use a normal SIM.

Grameenphone e-SIM

Grameenphone is launching the first e-SIM in Bangladesh. Grameenphone Bangladesh is a popular mobile operator. Grameenphone has the most subscribers in Bangladesh. Grameenphone also has a network across Bangladesh. Grameenphone will make their e-SIM available in a few days. As a result, users will be able to enjoy the benefits of Grameenphone’s e-SIM. Since no operator has launched e-SIM in Bangladesh yet, what history is Grameenphone going to make in this regard.

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When will Grameenphone e-SIM be launched?

Although Grameenphone e-SIM is expected to be launched in late March 2022, it is expected to be launched in April 2022. Grameenphone authorities did not provide any details in this regard. However, once Grameenphone e-SIM is launched, the code of Grameenphone SIM will be available in all outlets of the country. Users can buy e-SIM by scanning that code.

What is the price of Grameenphone e-SIM?

Bangladeshi but no operator has launched e-SIM yet so it is almost impossible to get a clear idea about the price of e-SIM. However, the price of Grameenphone e-SIM can be between 200 to 300 rupees. Those who are already using Grameenphone’s physical scene will be able to get a replacement for free. Three e-SIMs will be required for verification of biometric registration. In this case, the customer will first complete the biometric activities of Grameenphone and then he will be given the QR code for the SIM. After scanning the QR code, Grameenphone e-SIM will be installed on the customer’s phone.

Advantages of Grameenphone e-SIM

The biggest advantage of Grameenphone e-SIM is that it is eco-friendly. E-SIM is digital and eco-friendly. Using a virtual SIM reduces the use of plastic. It also offers great benefits for those who have one or two SIM card slots in their phone. Since e-SIM is a virtual SIM, it does not require any SIM slot. It is possible to keep the same number of SIMs that you purchase.

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Disadvantages of Grameenphone e-SIM

Since Grameenphone e-SIM has not been introduced yet, it may be a bit late to solve all the problems related to e-SIM. Many people in rural areas do not know much about e-SIM which makes it a bit complicated to solve all these problems.

How to convert Grameenphone Plastic SIM to e-SIM

After launching e-SIM, you can go to any Grameenphone outlet and get a completely free e-SIM by changing your physical SIM or plastic SIM.

Which phones will have e-SIM?

Most of the phones that are coming in the market now are e-SIM supported, so all the SIMs have permission to use e-SIM. Apple’s latest e-SIM will work on all phones. E-SIM service will also be available on the latest phones from Samsung or Google Pixel.

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