Easy Way To Withdraw Money From ATM Machine

Nowadays ATM has become one of the most popular and easy means of transaction. Financial transactions using ATM machines are much more secure and easy. However, although it is easy for young people, it is a bit difficult for adults. There are many people who know how to use different devices but can’t use the ATM machine properly. Withdrawals can be made at low cost if you know how to use an ATM machine, but those who do not know how to use an ATM machine may withdraw money from an agent or seek help from an ATM security guard. However, if you know how to use the ATM machine, you can easily withdraw money from the ATM machine.

ATM machines have become a thing of the past. But many people are still using it because they do not know much about ATM machines. However, in order to adapt to the daily routine, one must learn to use the ATM machine properly. Now you can find ATM booths anywhere you look. However, if you have trouble finding the ATM booth of the bank you are looking for, then you can easily find the ATM booth from the bank’s app or Google Map. You can see all the information about the location of ATM booths from the map. At present ATM booths are commonly seen in hospitals, markets, railway stations and airports.

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First find the ATM booth near you. Enter the ATM booth.

ATM booths have four sections.

01. Screen

A large screen will appear showing all the text and instructions. Your PIN number or ATM card number will be displayed there. The message will show there later before accepting the amount later. In other words, the same screen that we see on our mobile or computer can be seen in the ATM booth. There are a few buttons on either side of the screen that can be used to directly select which service you want.

02. Keypad

There will be a keypad like mobile keypad in ATM booth. You can enter your PIN number using the key pad. Use the pad to pay the amount of money.

03. ATM card entry slot

There will be a place to insert the ATM card. Where the word “enter the ATM card” will be written. Some ATM booths have the option to swipe the ATM card, just take out your ATM card and swipe.

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04. Money collection slot

There will be a slot for withdrawing money from ATMs from which you can withdraw money.

Rules for withdrawing money from ATM booths:

  • An ATM card entry point can then be found at the ATM booth. Enter the ATM card there or swipe if you have the option to swipe.
  • Some ATM cards have the option to select the language where you can select the language you need. However, in most cases English is used.
  • Now enter your four digit PIN number. What pad must be used to give PIN number. However, make sure that the PIN number is not visible to anyone else or is incorrect. If the PIN number is incorrect, ask for it again. If you make an error three times in a row using an ATM card, you will not be able to withdraw any more money from the ATM card for one day as your ATM card is blocked from the server of that bank for security reasons.
  • After entering the PIN number correctly, some options are available. If you want to withdraw money, select the Withdrawal or Cash Out option.
  • Press the buttons on the screen to select. Press the button next to Withdrawal or Cash Out.
  • Where to cash out, that is, the type of account must be determined. There are two options: savings account and current account. You have to select any one option as you like.
  • You have to select the amount of money. This means that the amount you are going to cash out or want to withdraw and the key pad must be used properly. When making such a selection, care should be taken that the amount is placed in multiples of 100 rupees.
  • You have to click the OK button. After a while your money will come out of the collection slot where you have to collect money by hand.
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After collecting money, click yes or no from the “Whether you want a printed joke” option. If you need a printed receipt then you must click on the Yes button. A printed receipt can be obtained by clicking on the Yes button.
After withdrawing your money, you must count it. You can take the help of security guards or managers who have any problem regarding money or any problem related to account.

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