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Dhaka Board SSC Exam Routine 2022. New routine of Dhaka Board SSC exam 2022. Dhaka Board SSC Exam Routine PDF Download 2022. New schedule of Dhaka Board SSC exam 2022. When will the SSC exam 2022 be? When will the new routine of SSC exam 2022? How to download new SSC exam routine 2022?

Dhaka Board SSC Routine 2022 has been published. The good news for those who will take the SSC exam this time is that their SSC exam routine 2022 has finally been published. The SSC routine has been published once before but due to the flood the exam has been postponed and the routine of SSC exam 2022 is being published again for the students. The students were hesitant about when the SSC exam 2022 would start. Finally they came to know the routine of SSC exam 2022. You can download SSC Exam Routine 2022 from here.

Dhaka Board SSC New Routine 2022

The SSC exam of Dhaka Board was scheduled to start on 19th June 2022 under the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. But the test has been postponed due to the deteriorating flood situation in some parts of the country. And Dhaka Board’s SSC exam routine 2022 has been republished. Those of you who are SSC candidates and guardians of Dhaka Board this time, are surely looking for new routine of Dhaka Board SSC exams. This article is for them. Through this article you will get the routine of Dhaka Board SSC Exam 2022 published by the Board of Education in a short time and you will be able to download this routine.

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Dhaka Board SSC exam 2022

Dhaka Board SSC Routine 2022 (New and Revised) The revised routine of Dhaka Board has been published on 12 June by the Board of Education. In this revised routine, on the occasion of inauguration of Padma Bridge, only the pre-scheduled English 2nd paper exam on 25th has been changed to 24th June 2022. All other test dates have been kept unchanged. However, due to the deteriorating flood situation, the revised routine of SSC and equivalent exam s published by the publishers on June 12 has also been postponed.

Dhaka Board SSC Exam 2022 Changed Routine

Special Announcement: Due to deteriorating flood situation in the country, SSC exam 2022 of Dhaka Board has been postponed. At the same time, the vocational exam of the admission and technical board of the madrasa has been postponed. This instruction has been given by the Ministry of Education on 16 June 2022. Ministry of Education Public Relations Officer MA Khair has confirmed the postponement of SSC equivalent exam s.

Dhaka Board SSC Exam Schedule 2022

It has been informed by the Board of Education that all the exam s of Dhaka Board’s SSC exam 2022 will be held from 10 am to 12 noon. There will be no test at noon or afternoon.

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Besides, it has been said about the practical test, their respective institutions will provide the practical book number of their respective candidates to the concerned center by 26th November.

14 instructions by the Board of Education for SSC candidates of Dhaka Board (2022)

Participants in this year’s Dhaka Board SSC exam (2022) have been asked by the Board of Education to follow 14 guidelines. They are given below

1. Students must take their seats in the test room 30 minutes before the start of the test.
2. The exam will start according to the time mentioned in the question paper.
3. First there will be multiple choice and then there will be creative / compositional (theoretical) test. There will be no break between the two exams. The time for multiple choice exams is 20 minutes and the time for creative exams is 1 hour 40 minutes.
4. Candidates will collect their admission forms from the head of their respective educational institution at least three days before the commencement of the exam .
5. The number of physical education, health sciences and sports and career education subjects obtained through continuous assessment as per the guidelines of NCTB will be provided to the concerned centers by the educational institutions for the candidates of all academic years. The concerned center will send the number obtained in the continuous assessment along with the practical test number online on the website of the board.
. Candidates will fill the circle by writing the roll, registration number, subject code etc. in their respective answer sheets (OMR). Under no circumstances can the answer sheet be folded.
. Candidates have to pass separately in creative / compositional (theoretical), multiple choice and practical sections.
. Each candidate can participate in the exam only on the subjects mentioned in the registration form.

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9. exam of any candidate (creative / compositional, multiple choice and practical) will not be held in his own school. Candidates have to arrange seats through transfer.

10. Non-programmable scientific calculators can be used for testing.
11. No person other than the Central Secretary or the examinee can bring and use the mobile in the center.
12. The same attendance sheet should be used for creative / essay based (theoretical), multiple choice and practical exams.
13. The practical test will be held at their respective centers.
14. Re-exam can be applied online via SMS within seven working days of publication of test results. কর্তৃপক্ষ The authority will not accept the application after the working day has passed.


Changed Routine of Dhaka Board SSC exam 2022

Dear Students and Parents, If the new routine of SSC exam is published by the Dhaka Board of Education, you can quickly find out and download it from our website. So stay tuned to get the new routine of SSC exam fast.

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