Data Transfer System Between Smartphone And Computer In 2022

Many times data transfer from smartphone to computer is required but many people are not able to transfer data properly because they do not know how to transfer data properly. So before transferring data, you must know about data transfer and transfer data according to your device. There are several effective ways to transfer data from a smartphone to a computer / PC. Depending on the speed and device, you can easily transfer data using any one method.

Many people want to keep their data on PC or computer due to lack of storage on smartphones or in case of large file transfers or storage of pictures. Again, many people want to take files from computer to smartphone, you can use the following methods.

There are several methods that can be used from a smartphone to a computer. Data can be easily transferred using Bluetooth, USB or some applications. Use the methods below to make your data secure and fast transfer.

The method of data transfer between smartphones and computers

For movie lovers or those who edit a lot of videos or take pictures, their phone storage is often not enough. Many people transfer the file to PC and edit that file. Text files and video files can be transferred from a smartphone to a computer. There are several ways that files can be transferred from a smart phone to a computer. It is very important for those who are doing video editing or photo editing to know the method of file transfer. In the case of video editing, since the file is very large, the methods come in handy while transferring the file to the computer and reading the edit.

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File transfer between Android and Windows devices

To transfer files between Android and Windows devices, your Windows PC must support Windows XP, Windows Seven, Windows Ten, or Windows XI.

Using Bluetooth

Small files can be transferred from Android phone to Windows PC using Bluetooth. Small files such as text files or documentary files can be transferred. However, in the case of large files, the Bluetooth method is of course time consuming. In case of Bluetooth share, Bluetooth connection must be turned on on both the devices. Select the file you want to transfer and select the transfer medium Bluetooth or share medium Bluetooth. In case of available devices, if you show the name of your computer or smartphone, you have to select it and give permission. Bluetooth sharing will start immediately after giving permission. How much file has been shared can be seen from the notification bar.

USB cable

The easiest and safest way to transfer files from Android smartphone to Windows PC via USB cable. For this you need to use a good quality USB cable. Speed ​​is better if USB cable is of good quality.
One of the USB cables needs to be plugged into one computer to connect the other to the smartphone. To transfer files via USB or usb-c. All older Android devices had USB A or standard USB cable. Currently most smartphones offer USB type-c cable. You just need to plug in USB and access your device from PC. Then you need to copy or drag the file that you are going to transfer to your computer.

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Shareit is currently the most popular file transfer system. In order to transfer files through ShareIt, you need to have ShareIt installed on both the devices to which you want to transfer files. Shareite application must be opened on Windows and Android devices. Then transfer the file from the share brick, select it, send it and receive the other end device to receive. It is very easy to transfer files without cable.

File transfer between Android and iOS devices

WiFi can be used for file transfers between Android and iOS devices. There is an application that can be used to transfer files to Android devices and iOS devices. Or the ShareIt application can be used.

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