Cyber Security & How To Prevent Cyber Crime

Awareness is definitely needed in case cybercrime can happen to anyone. Maybe you are already a victim of cyber crime or you have organized a cyber crime yourself. You can organize cybercrime without knowing it, such as using pirated software or downloading paid movies from the Internet for free. In this case, while downloading pirated software or paid movies for free, just like the user organizes cybercrime himself, various types of viruses are entering your computer through these software or movie links through which you may also face cyber attack.

What is cyber security?

Cyber ​​security refers to any program or network that enters your device without permission and harms you or steals any information. Cyber ​​security provides security from all programs. Cyber ​​security also protects the device from various cyber attacks and protects against various data theft. Since most people nowadays keep all their information online and almost all the information of a person is available online, cyber security is very necessary.

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Cyber ​​security requirements

At present, the information of various government corporations, starting from big companies, is available online. All this information is faced with different types of cyber attacks from online. Cyber ​​security is essential to prevent any cyber criminal from accessing and stealing such information. This time a country is affected by the attack on national security, health and even economically. So without cyber security, all this information can be threatened.


Types of cyber security

  • Network security
  • Application security
  • Information security
  • Identity security
  • Security of cloud storage
  • Mobile device protection
  • Database and infrastructure security


Information security

Information security is a type of cyber security through which all information of a company or an individual is secured. Cybercriminals cannot steal that person’s information.


Database and infrastructure security

Database and infrastructure security is the key to ensuring security in all areas related to networks and databases.

Cloud security

Cloud security is the security of all the information that is stored in the cloud or the software that is used during the cloud computing.

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Network security

The network that the person has used is often used to steal their various information through that network. And through this network, the security is provided so that the criminal person cannot enter into the device or steal personal information.


Ways to prevent cybercrime

  • There are several ways to prevent cybercrime that, if followed, will not be associated with cybercrime. People get involved in cyber crime without knowing it, so they often
  • have to go through various complications. Many times people face cyber attacks because they do not know about all these cyber security.
  • Computer cannot use pirated software. All the software that I have got must be bought and used.
  • If you use an Android device, you need to install the app from the Google Play Store. Third-party apps cannot be installed.
  • In order to view the content of different sites, you need to give your personal mobile number.
  • Any spam messages in the email account should actually be avoided.
  • Be careful when using WiFi and it is better not to use open WiFi.
  • You must scan for viruses before inserting a memory card or pen drive
  • The computer’s operating system must always be up to date
  • The computer needs to use an antivirus protector antivirus software. There are many free antivirus software on the market today that you can use to prevent viruses.
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If you follow these tips, you will definitely be able to avoid cybercrime. With the advent of technology, the level of cyber crime is increasing so always be aware of cyber crime and do not organize cyber crime yourself.

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