About us

en.bdseven24.com publishes technology-based articles in Bengali. BDSeven24 team’s goal is to spread the knowledge of science and technology to the whole country. The whole world is now moving fast with the discovery of new innovations in science and technology. BDSeven24 is working towards the goal that Bangladesh should not lag behind in the modern world. There is no substitute for knowledge about science to build a digital Bangladesh.

BDSeven24 introduces you to the new technology of science. BDSeven24 also provides regular information on entertainment and lifestyle.

BDSeven24 Team Works With

We do our utmost to deliver accurate information to you first and foremost with complete honesty. At present Bangladesh has started to develop as a digital Bangladesh. At such times it is very important to find the right information from the online platform. That is the goal we are moving forward with.

Our Main Goal

BDSeven24’s main goal is to bring the light of science and technology to every corner of Bangladesh. Contact us to provide any suggestions

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