7 Best Mobile Video Editor Apps In 2022

Android phones use very high quality cameras and users like to watch videos on Android phones. Smartphones now have the ability to capture like DSLR camera. People who want to upload videos regularly or content creators need to edit their videos after they have been captured. Those who want to edit PC but good quality video need video editor apps. Smartphone video editor apps have become much more advanced. Good quality video editing is now being done with smart phones.

Those who have the ability to edit videos on PC should definitely use PC but those who do not have a good quality PC and want to edit videos on mobile can edit good quality videos using some nice apps. All the apps that will be commented from here are free apps. Users will be able to download free apps from the Google Play Store and edit the necessary videos in a very nice way.


KineMaster is a very popular video editor app for mobile video editing. KineMaster is very popular and more than 100 million users edit videos using KineMaster. Video can be edited professionally at KineMaster so this video can be uploaded to any platform or content cricketers can create any content using KineMaster. Although KineMaster is not completely free, users can use the free version to edit videos as needed. There are some more benefits for those who take KineMaster Premium, but the premium version is paid. Kainmaster can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. KineMaster has almost all the video editing features that a good quality PC software has. However, if you edit the video using the KineMaster app for free, a KineMaster watermark can be seen in the bottom right corner of the video. Watermarks are not seen in the KineMaster premium version.

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Funimate Video Editor is very effective for creating funny videos. Funimate video editor app is completely free. New dimensions can be added to videos using the Funimate Video Editor app. Video captured on mobile is very easy and can be edited in a very short time. The Funimate Video Editor app allows you to share videos directly on any platform. The Funimate Video Editor app has a number of effects that will make your video even better. Now people prefer short videos and Funimate Video Editor app is a very nice app for making shot videos. About 10 million people have already installed one. The Funimate app can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store and has a Google Play Store rating of 4.4.



Quik is very popular for downloading and editing videos on smartphones. Users can create any travel video using Quik. 60 fps smooth playback video can be created with Quik Video Editor. More than 100 million users have already installed the Quik Video Editor app. Quik is completely free, any user can easily download the Quik Video Editor app from the Google Play Store and create great videos. If the user pauses or does not complete the video editing while editing the video, the edited video is set as a draft which the user can re-edit later.

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04.VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor is the best application for Android users who are looking for a free video editor app. You may be surprised to know that VN Video Editor offers their users a completely free one where other video editor apps ask them to purchase in-app templates and various effects and allows all of the app’s filter effect templates to be used for free. There are over 10 million users worldwide who edit videos using the VN Video Editor app. Being completely free, this can be a solution for those looking for a free video editor app.

VN Video Editor

05.Video Show

Video shows can nicely edit videos captured on mobile and make videos more interesting with a variety of sounds, including background music. Video editing with video shows is very easy and time saving. Video shows are one of the phone’s video editor applications. Video shows can be very effective for those who like to create videos with blogs or slideshows. The free version of the video show shows watermarks but the paid versions do not show watermarks. Another problem with video shows is that the quality decreases a bit after exporting the video. However, the video show is very nice as a free video editor app. Around 100 million users worldwide are using the video show application.

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Video show


Inshot Video Editor App is a completely free video editor app that provides users with an easy interface to edit videos. Inshot Video Editor Apps has almost all the features and effects of good quality video-editor-software. The apps run very smoothly on Android devices and the video is exported very fast. Users will be able to add background music of their choice and upload this video to any platform.


07.Viva Video

Viva Video is an excellent video editor apps. Over 1 million users use this app to edit their videos. The Video Editor app has a built-in slow motion video editor and numerous templates that will help you create videos with video collages or slides. The free version shows some ads, but the app can be easily controlled, that is, the user can use the app with ease. Videos created using Viva Video can be deleted on any social platform.

Viva video

For those who are looking for an app to easily edit videos on Android phone, any one of the above may be the solution. Here you can find free video editor apps for Android phones in 2022 and share them with your friends.

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