7 Best Camera App For Android In 2022 – Click Beautiful Picture

Nowadays, Android phones offer a great camera. However, there are some applications on the Android phone that can make your Android phone’s camera more great. This app can be used to shoot great photos on Android phones and it will look like you have done a professional photoshoot. The best camera apps on Android phones can also help you capture some of your best moments. So take a look at the applications below and choose the perfect application for you to make your Android camera more beautiful.

01. Google Camera (GCam)

GCAM is always ahead when it comes to the camera of Android phones. Google Camera is made by Google and it is a completely free camera app. Google Camera is built-in on Pixel devices. If the user wants to use Google Camera on any Android device other than Pixel, then Google Camera must be installed separately. A good quality processor is required to use Google Camera.

g cam
Google Camera

Google cameras are available according to the processor and model of your phone. Do a Google search and download Google Camera according to your phone model and processor. Google Camera is not available in the Google Play Store, so you need to use a third party application. There are some bugs for downloading Google Camera using third party application which is a bit annoying but if you are looking for the best camera for your phone then you should definitely use Google Camera. Google Camera offers the user all the awesome modes and the Google Camera Night mode is awesome.

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02. Open Camera

Open Camera is a very popular Android application that users can use to make their Android phone’s camera awesome. HD video recording, focus mode, sense mode can make any picture more interesting. Open Camera is available in the Google Play Store and is completely free so you can download the Open Camera app to make your camera more beautiful.

open camera
Open Camera

03. Z Camera

Z Camera is a great camera application that can make your photo look even more great and colorful. The filter effects are remarkable and almost all the modes of a good quality camera are available in this camera application. Even if you buy some elements, the app can be downloaded for free. The apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Z Camera

04. VSCO

VSCO offers more than 200 filters and great color combination cameras so you can easily download the app and capture your wonderful moments in a more beautiful way. At the same time this app has video editing tool which will help you to do normal video editing through the app. The app will be available on Google Play Store. About 100 million people have already installed and used one.

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05. Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Photoshop helps the camera user to make the captured photos more attractive. The application can be found by accessing the official website of Adobe and scanning the QR code in the Photoshop comment section.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

06. ProCam X

You can make the camera of your phone more beautiful with ProCam X. You can take much better pictures than the stock camera of your phone by using this camera app. Those who want to take professional type pictures using phone and want to take professional quality pictures can use this app. High resolution video can be captured using this camera app.

pro cam x
ProCam X

08. Cymera

Those who want to take selfies with mobile can definitely make their selfies more attractive by using this mobile camera app. Having professional beauty tools will make your pictures more beautiful and attractive. There are also many types of filters in this camera app. The Cymera Camera app is available on the Google Play Store.

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By installing any of the above camera apps on your phone, you can take better quality pictures than your phone’s stock camera. In many cases you may have to adjust the camera according to the model of your phone.

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