3 Easy Ways To Clean White Shoes

Suits, classic jeans, white shoes are used with all these clothes. White shoes can get dirty very quickly and it is very annoying to clean. White shoes can scrub and scratch which, if not cleaned regularly, can gradually ruin the shoe. White shoes are easy to clean and understand a few rules.

Many people do not want to use white shoes for laziness of cleaning. But if you can clean white shoes very easily then white shoes are very easy to use. Sata separation stains and scrubs fall quickly, but there is a way to remove it. You can easily remove stains and scraps from white shoes at home.

How to remove stains from white fabric shoes

All the materials needed to remove stains from white fabric shoes
Bar soap (must be white bar soap)
Towels or tissue paper.
Any old cloth or cotton neck can use any old t-shirt in this case

Powder or, cleaner liquid

Towels or tissue paper should be soaked in water. Care should be taken to gently wipe the outside of the shoe without allowing water to enter. After the first wipe, give the shoes 10 minutes to dry

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Then soak a towel or tissue paper in the liquid you have prepared using a powder cleaner. Now thoroughly clean the outside of your shoe with a towel. In this way, all the time that they have, they go up. However, many times some stains may not appear. However, it can not be cleaned with too much pressure because it is not likely to damage your fabric. If stains remain on any part, the part should be gently cleaned repeatedly.

Gently clean the shoes with a cotton T-shirt the time you took the soap. Clean the parts of the shoe that have not yet been cleaned. Then if any part remains stained, clean it again with a little more soap. Clean your shoes with rags instead of water. Then let the shoe dry for a while. If your shoes do not feel clean after drying, you can do the same process several times later.

Rules for cleaning white canvas shoes

To clean white canvas shoes you will need baking soda, white vinegar, hot water.

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First mix 1 tablespoon baking soda with 2 tablespoons white vinegar in hot water. The amount of hot water will be the amount of one cup.

The mixture will clean your shoes so you will need a brush. Take an old brush or a disposable brush. Gently clean your shoes by inserting them into the rain mixture. Since the bottom of the shoe is more dirty, the bottom part needs to be cleaned a little better. Part of the white canvas. However, the part of the canvas cannot be cleaned by pressing in any way, it has to be cleaned gently. Once cleaned, wipe the shoe thoroughly with a rag and let it dry for a while.

Rules for cleaning white suede shoes

Cleaning white suede shoes is a bit of a hassle. Slightly off-white color. Very slippery shoes look a little dirty. To clean white suede shoes you will need soft cotton cloth, white vinegar, an eraser.

First clean your shoe with an eraser from the parts that are dirty. You can use some water with eraser. However, do not use dirty or used eraser in any way. In that case, there is a possibility of extra stains on your shoes.
Now clean all the stains with vinegar.

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