108th Prize bond Draw Result 2022 Bangladesh Bank

Results of Bangladesh Bank’s 108th Prize Bond Draw 2022. The 108th Prize Bond Draw is published on the website. The results of the 108th Prize Bond Draw can be seen in the PDF version. You can also see the results of the 108th Prize Bond Draw 2022 from the magazine. To view the results of the 108th Prize Bond Draw, you can download the PDF file from the section below. Download the PDF file and you will see the result of the 108th prize bond draw.

Many of us are familiar with the prize bond draw. Many people who have a prize bond find out about the prize bond. Many of us have prize bonds. The draw of those prize bonds is held every few days. The results of the 108th Prize Bond Draw 2022 are given here. Need to know at the beginning what is a prize bond?

What is a prize bond?

Looks like a lot of money, but the price bond can be a bit bigger in size. Price bonds are a type of non-performing bonds, also known as security bonds. Prize bonds can be bought and given as gifts by many. The same amount of money can be taken at any time by breaking the price bond. Price bonds can be bought from banks or prize bonds can be redeemed from banks. Prize bond draws were held at various times. At that time those who match the prize bond number get different prizes. Prize bonds were first introduced in Ireland (in 1956). Prize bond draws are held in each country.

The name of Bangladesh Prize Bond is Bangladesh Prize Bond and it was first introduced in 1974. However, in 1974, price bonds of 10 rupees and 50 rupees were introduced. Later in 1995 a prize bond of 100 rupees was introduced

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💭Fact: At present there are 46 Prize Bonds series numbers in Bangladesh

At present, there are 46 prizes for each series, with a total value of 16 lakh 25 thousand Taka

Prize Prize Number Prize TK
First One 6 Lakh Taka
Second One 3.25 Lakh Taka
Third Two 1 Lakh Taka
Fourth Two 50 Thousand Taka
Fifth 40 10 Thousand Taka

108th Prize Bond Draw Result 2022

The 108th Prize Bond Draw Result 2022 will be held on 31st July 2022. The prize bond of Rs 100 is drawn four times a year: January 31, April 30, July 31 and October 31. Earlier, the 108th Prize Bond Draw 2022 was held on 30 April 2022. Prize bond draw results are held four times a year, i.e. every 3 months.

Bangladesh Bank 108th Prize Bond Draw Result 2022

Bangladesh Bank conducts all activities of 1st 8th Prize Bond Draw. Bangladesh Bank has all the responsibilities of buying, selling and maintaining the prize bond. The results of the prize bond draw are published from the website of Bangladesh Bank. The PDF of the results of that prize bond draw of Bangladesh Bangladesh Bank can be seen later on the website or in the magazine. At present Bangladesh Bank has a separate website for prize bond draw where you can easily enter and check the results of Bangladesh Bank’s 108th prize bond draw 2022.

How To Check 108th Prize bond Result 2022

  • You can search for single or multiple numbers at once. For single numbers please just type the number (not the series) and then click the search button.
  • For multiple numbers, if you have a serial number, you can search all your numbers by simply typing: 1st number: last number. E.g. 0012345 ~ 0012349
  • Or if you have multiple price bonds that are not organized sequentially, you need to type all the numbers separated by commas (,) such as 0030401, 0123901, 1234708.
  • Or you can type the number as 0012345 ~ 0012349, 0030401,0123901, 1234708.
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By following the above rules, you can find out the result of the 108th prize bond draw by searching by entering the prize bond number in the box below.

108th Prize Bond Draw PDF Download 2022

The results can be viewed by downloading the PDF of the 108th Prize Bond Draw. After the 108th prize bond draw, it will be available on all online portals. Thousands of websites in Bangladesh provide PDF of the results of the 108th Prize Bond Draw. The results of the prize bond draw are also known through newspapers. Currently, the best way to know the results of the prize bond draw is to download the PDF. The 108th Prize Bond lists the prize bonds selected for the award. You can easily download the PDF and match the prize bonds you have with that list. Those who collect prize bonds or who have higher price bonds in numbers often download PDFs and check these results.

100 Taka Prize Bond Draw Result 2022

The result of the prize bond draw of 100 rupees will be published on 31st July 2022. This is going to be the 108th prize bond draw result of 100 rupees. Those who have a price bond worth Rs 100 can match the numbers of their prize bonds by viewing the PDF or typing the number directly. The complete method of how to find the 100 rupees prize bonds is discussed below.

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Prize Bond Draw Result Check Software

You can easily check the results of the prize bond you have by using the following methods.

  • Enter this link
  • Enter the general number (excluding series) of the prize bond in Bengali or English and click on the search button.
  • Numbers separated by commas (,) to search for multiple common numbers together. Example: 0469460, 0417004
  • Use hyphens (-) between first and last numbers to search for series common numbers. Example: 0479090-0917009


Prize Bond Prize Form PDF

Those who are selected as winners from the prize bond draw will need to fill out a form to receive the prize. The owner of the prize bond can claim the prize by filling in the form of the prize.

This section provides a PDF of the Prize Bond Prize claim form. The winners will be able to download the PDF form of this award from here.

Download PDF

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